How to Cook Those Brussels Sprouts


Admit it: when was the last time you ate Brussels sprouts? I like the darn things (always have), but I still haven’t had them in the last four years that I can remember. But thanks to this San Francisco Chronicle article, I’m anxious to get back on the Brussels bandwagon.

“People have committed war crimes against Brussels sprouts, probably all of them on Thanksgiving Day” …

Worthy of prosecution: putting Brussels sprouts in an aluminum pot and “cooking them for three years,” says Downing. “You get the Black Sea effect.” The dark, disgusting water comes from sulfur compounds in the vegetable reacting with the metal. Not pretty.

So read up on how to slice ’em and shave ’em for sprouts the way you’ve never had them before.

3 Responses to “How to Cook Those Brussels Sprouts”

  1. Kristin

    Thanks for posting this. I have been trying to “learn to like” brussel sprouts for a while. I am definitely going to try the slicing technique. I think what I dislike about them is not the flavor, but the biting into the whole brussel sprout with its various textures.

    I like the new look.

  2. brenda

    I hated brussel sprouts until I met my husband. He grew up dipping his cooked bussel sprouts in vinegar and now I love them! You have to try it!

  3. Cathy

    Everybody told me they were like cabbage so I just put them in a casserole dish and topped them with a couple alices of bacon and covered them and microwaved on high for about 8 minutes. They were gooood to me. We now have a new veggie

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