Vegan Carrot Cake


A couple of weeks ago I visited my sister for a birthday co-celebration with my dad and youngest niece. Since I’m no longer eating dairy or eggs, but I’m not willing to put people out, I told her I didn’t want anything special and that I could just have some Tofutti Cuties or something in lieu of cake. But instead, she said a vegan carrot cake would be great and so my sister, my mom, and I worked together using this recipe from Veg Web. It was Stacey’s first time doing any vegan baking and it was my first time with this recipe, yet the cake came out tasting incredibly good. The icing was also quite tasty, though not as thick of a consistency as it should have been (perhaps refrigerating it a bit after mixing it would help).

We used applesauce in place of the pineapples and about 3/4 of a cup of Earth Balance instead of the vegetable oil. We used one container of Silk soy yogurt in place of the three eggs and opted for all spice while leaving out the optional nuts and raisins.

I probably shouldn’t mention that my sister bought all of the necessary ingredients for the cake before I arrived, except for one: the carrots. Fortunately, those don’t require a trip to the health food store.

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  1. Marilyn DeVault


    We make a vegan carrot cake here at Piece of Cake Bakery (the Portland one) and I use pineapple AND applesauce. Was there a reason you used only applesauce.

    Also, was the cake’s height like a normal cake (did it rise)?


  2. Kelly Halldorson

    I have a great vegan carrot cake recipe. My husband (a meat-eater) and my kids vegetarian all loved it. I’m working on a little vegan cookbook. I’m hoping to have it finish and published by Christmas.

    Kelly Halldorson

  3. mikaela

    The recipe link in this post no longer works. Do you have the recipe somewhere else? I want to make my pops a carrot cake for his birthday :)

    Also, I feel you on the not putting anyone out thing, it’s a balancing act sometimes. I love your family’s response!

  4. ryan

    Thanks for the heads up, Mikaela. I’ve updated the link.

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