Teenage AR Activist That Works at… McDonald’s?

Up Close & Personal Meet Chicken Plucky Amandah Povilitus

This here’s a good interview with a high school animal rights activist who works for McDonald’s, two things you normally wouldn’t think would peacefully co-exist.

They don’t get mad or make me work in the back. As long as I don’t protest them, it’s fine. I don’t fight customers or anything. I turned a couple co-workers vegetarian, and I helped reduce waste, which they love.

Donald Watson Turns 94


Here’s a cool story that’s slipped under the radar: The Father of Veganism Turns 94.

Donald Watson is the man who in 1944 coined the term “vegan.” Back then, it wasn’t so easy to become a vegan, I’d imagine.

Sixty years. That’s some serious resolve.

AlterNet on vegan shopping

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AlterNet has a good article titled Vegan, Head to Toe that looks at various online shops targeted toward vegan consumers (think MooShoes).

Did I mention I bought a hemp wallet recently to replace a leather one I had received as a gift? I really like it. Except it has Velcro, which I couldn’t tell from the site when I ordered it. But I’m thinking a little fabric sewn over top of it should do the trick. I can’t stand that r-r-r-r-rip! noise when I open it in a quiet store.

(via Vegan.com)