Eh, what’s a couple hundred chickens?

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After reading this depressing story about over a thousand chickens that fell off a truck on the way to the slaughterhouse (oh, excuse me, “processing plant”) and seeing this quote:

“We only lost a couple hundred,” said Dan Koplik, an operations manager at the Murray’s Chicken plant in South Fallsburg, N.Y. “We’ve had worse spills.”

I began to think about a blog entry my friend Scott wrote a couple years ago. It’s one of those things that’s stuck with me:

Another mile up the ride I actually saw a chicken fall off the truck and land on the side of the road. The animal had a look of amazing fear in it’s eyes, and I could see by the way she had landed that her legs had been broken in the fall.

Right now all the crap I have ever had to take for my beliefs and dietary choices was worth it. None of those animals will be on my plate this evening or probably ever again. I don’t contribute to senseless killing.

Ironically, the article states that “According to the company’s Web site, Murray’s Chickens has made its mark as a purveyor of naturally raised chickens raised in an environment that qualified the company as Certified Humane.”

Just another reminder that “Certified Humane” doesn’t mean jack.

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  1. steff bugielski

    I just read your post and had to comment. I live down the road from Murrays and have a free range flock of chickens. Many people have brought me chickens from there that have gotten loose. They are the saddest site ever. they must sedate them heavily before transport and slaughter to prevent thrashing and damage to the meat. Most of what they bring me cannot even hold up their head to drink. I have only been able to keep one or two alive. We see escapies along the road all the time, but the worst is when the guy rides down the road with the bucket of his tractor full of dead birds.

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