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Veg Blog reader Micha Hershman has just started a new blog titled Relish! – Enthusiastically eating in and around Ann Arbor. It’s about… well, if you need me to explain, you might want to check your B-12 levels.

Even though the blog isn’t veggie-specific, it’s got a very heavy vegetarian slant,” says Micha. I believe him.

He’s gotten off to a good start, particularly with a really handy find: Organizing Your Refrigerator and Freezer. A handful of simple tips about where to store different types of food in your fridge to best extend their shelf life. The one I always forget (but have, thankfully, guess right about) is listed: vegetables in the “high humidity” drawer and fruit in the “low humidity” drawer.

I ended up cutting and pasting all the info into a Word doc and then trimming it down to one page to put on my fridge. Want a copy? Here’s a PDF.

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  1. Stephanie

    Thanks for the info…sometimes I think we just keep too much food in the fridge, or buy more than we should.
    But proper storage always helps.

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