Stressed sheep


Sheep put brave face on stress

Scientists at the Babraham Institute in the eastern English city of Cambridge discovered that when sheep were isolated, showing them faces of familiar sheep helped to soothe them.

When the sheep were shown faces of sheep familiar to them, they became less stressed, and showed fewer signs of agitation than when they were shown goat faces or triangles, researchers found, according the UK’s Press Association.

The researchers were conducting more tests on the sheep by showing them videos of sheep with different facial expressions, to see what effect this has on their stress levels.

While these tests don’t sound nearly as cruel as most animal experiments, is this really something researchers need to be studying?

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  1. scigrrl

    Clearly the sheep need to go here:

  2. Jen

    Okay, I’m way late, but I just stumbled across your site. I’m a fairly new vegetarian (lacto-ovo). Anyway, I see at least one positive use for this information…one more piece of evidence that animals have emotions and feel love and friendship as much as humans. Of course, these results could be used by the meat conglomerates as a way to keep animals docile…

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