Wayne Pacelle on NPR’s Diane Rehm Show


The new head of HSUS, Wayne Pacelle, was a guest on today’s Diane Rehm Show on NPR. I only got a chance to hear a few minutes of it in the car, but Pacelle struck me as a well-spoken, respectable guy that is determined to shake things up and put pressure on those causing the inhumane treatment of animals (including farm animals). Give it a listen.

(Interesting side note: when searching on “Wayne Pacelle” to find the above link, Google’s first result was this page… looks familiar!)

3 Responses to “Wayne Pacelle on NPR’s Diane Rehm Show”

  1. don carter

    Wayne may or may not remember me. He and I had a long talk on the Jane Norris show here in Louisville Kentucky several years ago. I openly challenge Wayne to a debate abuot cockfighting but I seriously doubt he’d be interested. I no longer figfht roosters, but i can tell you that it will HEVER be stopped. Wayne Pacelle is nothng more than a liar and someone who has nothing better to do other than harrass people who fight roosters because of their heritage. So, my offer still stands. DEBATE ME!

  2. Ryan

    For some reason I don’t think it would be much a debate. I mean, really, how can you defend cockfighting (without using the words “tradition” or “heritage” because when exploitation is involved, those words are meaningless).

  3. Jacquie Evans

    Are You People Still Bullies at your ages or bring down good people like Wayne Pacelle of The Humane Society of The USA.

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