Those sharp pains in your stomach are claws


In the “Why Does This Type of Thing Even Exist” category: 105-pound woman wins the World Lobster Eating Contest by wolfing down 38 lobsters in 12 minutes.

2 Responses to “Those sharp pains in your stomach are claws”

  1. Levi Wallach

    I never quite understood the point of food eating contests. At first one thinks it is something relating to the U.S.’s obsession with size and abundance, but it’s not something that the U.S. is unique in. France, I know, has at least some such contests, and they are known for their quality WAY over quantity priorities! Maybe it has something to do with basically contradicting the age old battle of food as a basic need of survival. After all it’s only been in the last 50 or so years that the “developed” world has not had food supply “issues.” I think it’s a way of celebrating abundance, but of course in a somewhat grotesque way! Then again, our hunter-gatherer ancestors no doubt gorged themselves when they found their prey, especially during times of scarcity, since doing so was the only way of “preserving” those critical calories in absense of refrigeration or salting techniques…

  2. celia

    um i think u get the sharp pains cause of growing pains thats what my doctor says to me because i get the sharp pain and im only 10

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