An interview with my new boss


A new feature article has been posted… one that was eight months in the making: An Interview with Josh Hooten. Josh runs Herbivore Clothing with his wife Michelle Schwegmann and is a mighty interesting fellow. Read and enjoy.

On a similar note, I’m happy to announce that the crew from Herbivore magazine has welcomed me aboard as the newest staff writer. I’ll have a few pieces appearing in issue six, which should be on the newsstands in the late October-ish time frame. The writing in Herbivore is excellent thanks to folks like Josh, Shawna Kenney, and Sarah Kramer and I’m proud to be joining them as part of the world’s best (and, admittedly, only) “vegetarian culture” magazine. (Hey, you, go subscribe.)

4 Responses to “An interview with my new boss”

  1. Lee Busch

    I was one of Herbivore’s first advertisers (and am still with them). Josh is really building something great with Herbivore. I wish all of you tremendous success.
    be good,

  2. Heather

    Congratulations. How very exciting! I love Herbivore. I’ve been a subscriber from issue two. I’m looking forward to reading your contributions.

  3. Sarah Packard

    Wow, you’re writing for Herbivore now?? Awesome!! :) I looove that magazine…I probably originally found out about it from the VegBlog, actually, come to think of it. I’m so behind though; I only have issues #1 and 2!

  4. Adrienne Shriver

    Hay if this is my old pal Michelle from Kansas I can’t believe it’s you!!!!! Please email me back. If not then sorry, I’m looking for my old friend.
    Thanx, Adrienne Shiver

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