People really make me wonder.


I’ll skip right over the puppy on a gas grill story (sorta) and go into something only slightly less painful to read about: cattle escaping from an Omaha beef packing plant. This pretty much says it all:

Three officers with shotguns fired six shots. The cow ran a little more, then collapsed.

The crowd groaned.

“We gave that one every chance we could,” said Campbell. Police decided to kill it when it became clear that the animal would not allow itself to be captured.

In other words, they gave the cow every opportunity to go back to the packing plant, be hung from its leg, catch a bolt to the skull, and then have its throat slit, but it put up a fight and they had to shoot it. Gee, imagine the cow not “allow[ing] itself to be captured.” Why in the world would the cow not “allow” that?

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  1. Doug


    What an idiotic statement.. The cow would not allow itself to be captured.. Of course! For the cow, sadly, it may have been better to be shot after enjoying a small taste of freedom than waiting for..listening.. and smelling death. Where are the humane inspectors…or humane society people? It’s time to plan ahead and think about the potential things that may happen in a community…and be prepared for humane alternatives!! A tranquilizing gun would have worked… oh yeh.. that costs 10 cents more than a shotgun shell! What’s up with Omaha? I’d be outraged if I lived there… I’m outraged here! Geez, Louise.

  2. Chris

    That page with the “puppy on a gas grill” is advertising, with a picture, a huge double cheeseburger and the slogan “tired of the same-old same-old?” Talk about an unfortunate juxtaposition.

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