Men jailed for eating tiger

Two Jailed for Eating Rare Tiger

BEIJING (Reuters) – China has sentenced two farmers to jail terms of up to nine years for eating a rare Manchurian tiger after leaving it to die in a trap, the Beijing Evening News reported Thursday.

A court in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang convicted Zhang Lichen and Gong Weisheng of killing an endangered rare species recently, the paper said.

The two men found the tiger caught in a trap in a mountain last year but did not report it to the authorities. They left the tiger to die and returned six days later to bring the beast home, skin it and eat its meat.

“The two men knew selling a tiger was a crime, but they thought eating a dead tiger’s meat did not break the law,” the newspaper said.

Soft vegan cookies


A month or so ago I started on my quest to do more baking this summer. I began with Chocolate Orange Cupcakes, then went to Chocolate Bomb Cake, and then this week, I baked the most successful recipe yet, Chewy Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. As with the previous two recipes, this one came from The Post-Punk Kitchen. In place of eggs, it used a mixture of four teaspoons of ground flax seeds with a 1/4 cup of soy milk. I botched this part (somehow misreading the recipe as “one teaspoon of ground flax seeds and one tablespoon of soy milk”) and corrected it just before forming the dough and they still came out properly.

The recipe has you using your hands an awful lot, but when I found myself with chocolate gloves on my hands, I decided that next time around it would probably be better to use a hand mixer for some of the work. Nevertheless, after baking for ten minutes and then cooling for a few more, the cookies were very soft, rich, and tasty and sweet enough to melt holes in your teeth right then and there. I gave them to several people and the chocolate lovers among them loved them and were impressed that cookies that soft were made without eggs.

After three successful baking attempts, I’m starting to get cocky. What’s next? A vegan cake, perhaps?

The World’s Oldest Chicken


Bessemer lays claim to world’s oldest chicken

Matilda, a [14-year-old] bantam hen in Bessemer who has been a prop in the magic act of “Mort the Mystifying and Donna” for years, recently was designated as the World’s Oldest Living Chicken. She has a letter and a certificate from Guinness World Records to prove it.

[Donna] Barton noted also that Matilda receives the best of care and is petted and pampered and even tucked in at night.

“Most chickens live outside and put up with the cold, wind,’coons,’possums. … I don’t know if that chicken ever hits dirt,” she said.