The World’s Oldest Chicken


Bessemer lays claim to world’s oldest chicken

Matilda, a [14-year-old] bantam hen in Bessemer who has been a prop in the magic act of “Mort the Mystifying and Donna” for years, recently was designated as the World’s Oldest Living Chicken. She has a letter and a certificate from Guinness World Records to prove it.

[Donna] Barton noted also that Matilda receives the best of care and is petted and pampered and even tucked in at night.

“Most chickens live outside and put up with the cold, wind,’coons,’possums. … I don’t know if that chicken ever hits dirt,” she said.

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  1. Matthew Heidecker

    I belive that hens should be looked aftered like dogs or cats. I have just have built a new hen house with lights, fans , frig and a tv. Also last year i had a hen hamed blacky which lived to a age of 12 years of age. If we did this I bet hens will live well over 10 years of age.

  2. alice

    my chicken (meg) is turning 10 in april 2006. she stays out in the cold she is a very tough chicken, she hasnt aged one bit and may well live to 18!!!

  3. fay

    i dont know exact age of my chicken but m sure my chicken age will be round about 12-13 years.i take care of it and i love my chicken.

  4. Steve

    I have a banny chicken that will be 19 years old in July 2006. My neighbors had her for 9 years. I had her for 10 years.

  5. Cassandra

    My dad had chickens since he moved in his house about 10 years ago. He has one chicken left that will be 9 in about 2 weeks in the middle of June, and she is still Laying EGGS!!!! This is amazing, everyone I have talked to says they have never heard of this Anyone have any comments on this please let me hear them. [email protected]

  6. Tony

    I had a chicken; a white-legged horn rooster actually, that took over the world once. His plans for world-domination began early in life but quickly turned into an obsession that he dedicated his life to. Unfortunately, he was gunned down by the FBI when he attacked the White House.

  7. haley

    I have a hen she will be 9 this coming year her name is francis. I got her full grown from my sister in 2000. she had her a year. I don’t know what kind of hen she is i can’t seem to find another like her hope i will soon. oh and my sister’s boss found francis walking on a busy highway and stopped to pick her up. lol so she might be older

  8. Krystal.s.m

    my hen Linka is teh most beaytyfull hen i hav seen.
    i saved her from the chop when i was 4 and we have been best friends since. i am 15 at the moment 16 next month and she was about a year old when she found me so im havin a guess at 10-12. she has out lived all her fiends and sadly out lived her babies to : (
    she lives in a tree and sometimes when its cold i put her in the chicken hutt *she prefers the tree*

    she still likes to sit on nests in hope of haveing a baby again (she cannot have her own but she is a great mother.) im glad to know mi best friend is liveing a long and happy life.


    [email protected]

  9. Korie

    I have a silky that is going to be 15 this year and she has stayed outside, in a cage obviously, with the raccoons, possums, wild cats etc her whole life. She is the only one left out of my grandfather’s “original” flock.

  10. Ciku Kimani

    My brother gave me my chicken 15 years ago, it was about a year old! It is still healthy and hatching! Have never been able to name her, I just call her chicken.

  11. Vera Mills

    If you check the 2009 Guinness World records on page 128, you will see that the record for world’s oldest chicken is held by Blacky the mini bantam from Australia. She was my parents pet, but has now sadly gone to the chicken house in the sky. She still keeps the record, till another can prove an older chicken. We still miss her and it is an honour to be included in the current book.

  12. Krystal s.m

    hey everone :( im sad to say my baby linka died… so i gues shes out of the running.
    i miss her and hope shes in some sort of chicken heaven? :D

  13. Betty

    hi. I have a 12 year old bantam hen that will be 13 this coming spring. I thought she was the oldest till I found this site. her name is Twinnie because she had a twin who got ate by a bobcat a few years ago. She’s spending this winter in the house nice and warm, and just looking at her makes me smile………

  14. Bev & Gerhard

    Hi All
    We live in Gauteng in South Africa.
    This is really super to know as we have a little hen that we have had for almost 10 years and she still lays eggs every now and then. She is very spoilt she sleeps on the top of the microwave in the kitchen at night but during the day the roams around the garden and keeps it clean of all sorts of pests (we never use poison in our garden). When we are having a meal on the patio she is there with the 2 Jack Russells and the cats waiting for her tit bit. She is definately the Queen of the Castle, and we love her to bits, and everyone that meets her wants to go out and get one just like her.

  15. Parker Reed

    My grandmother has a chicken, a silver duckwing bantamn, that will be 13 in May of 09. This hen was hatched and raised in mid-eastern Ohio in the midst of coyotes, chicken hawks & large chicken-eating cats. She is not some sissy indoor chicken. Not to look down on these over domesticated chickens. But just to make the point that this chicken has survived winters where it has gotten below -10 degrees. She has survived floods & a tornado that felled a giant oak onto her chicken house. She is so tough that she even was faithfully watching over her flooded nest of potential unborn chicks while standing in the flood waters filling her house.
    Her name is Mother-Hen. She is a very great grandmother hen. She has also survived the trip to Mississippi where she no doubt prefers the warmer weather in her later years. The peril of living in Mississippi is nothing to scoff at either. Not only are there many chicken hawks prowling the southern skies but Mother-Hen has to live out her years in the midst of 75 other chickens who are no doubt vying for her longevity crown. Not to mention that she is living in the homeland of Colonel Sanders. Ok, Kentucky is the actual homeland of the Colonel, but Ol Miss is still south of the Mason Dixon line, dangerous territory. Ths is all true. Just ask my grandmother.

  16. kat

    my chicken died yesterday at 16 :( and she layed her last egg wen she was 15 R.I.P. Princess

  17. Beth

    I have one chicken left her names Pecky. she 11 and i thought that was pretty old but guess shes not the only one. Shes bantamn and hasn’t laid eggs for years. i kind of feel sorry for her that all the other 10 chickens are dead but she so spoiled and get tons of attention :) she likes to sit on the couch and eats anything!

  18. ryan

    wow really steve? dumbest thing i ever heard. wow
    ????why arent you in the world records ?????? dumb

  19. Krystal S.M

    Kat, im sorry for your loss, sadly they all decide to leave us at some point.
    id just gotten over the loss of my best friend “linka” who was arounf 12, and i found a baby chick outside my door, and the mother just roosted and left it out on the ground, naturaly i put the wee thing in a box wiht a hot waterbottle and brought him/her to school wiht me, we named him/her “nugget/peep” and id nurtured the wee thing til it was time to leave the house (3 months) and roost on its own. turs out it was a she and last night my dad had to put her down when i was at work because she had fallen realy sick, so gutted.

    i hope we all take care of our chickens, no matter how old they are.


  20. chickenlover

    I have a five y.o. RI Red named Walter. He has ten children, seven remaining. Three are roosters and four are hens. Walter watches over a flock of twenty five chickens. He is loved by all, neighbors of course.

  21. Dennis

    I know a pet shop in holland that a chicken lives and it is an astonashing 18 years old so I am annoyed because the man who owns the chicken does not know I gonna tell him.

  22. Ken Wakefield

    I have 3 bantams hatched beginning October 1995 and they’re still laying eggs today. Is this a record? At the moment they are 14 years and 3 months old

  23. Abe

    My chicken, Dovie, a little white Bantam just passed away today at the age of 9 1/2. I have had her since I was 2. She and I loved to swing on the swing set together and walk around the yard. Dovie even had her own feeding spot in our coop. She always had something to say everytime I entered the coop. She will be greatly missed.

  24. Janet Maki

    I have a Black Sexlink hen who will be 16 in April. Her name is Grandma and she has been retired from egg laying for sometime now. She goes to preschools and kindergarten classes and loves all the attention.

  25. Zephyr Drake

    My Silky Bantam Hen is 15 years old and has lived outside all her life, she has been played with very roughly by small children for years, has only just stopped laying eggs, had a daughter to a rooster three times her size, raised 5 ducklings (Pekings, the BIG ones) at once, and taught our ex-battery hens how to act like real chickens.

  26. liam sidwell

    hi my name is liam and a live in new castel and my chiken is 18 yers gowing onto 19 in may she sits on my dads car and wen it is cold a bring her in my bedroom she is realy gray she is a gray buff optigan liam thanx :)

  27. liam sidwell

    hi my name is liam sidwell and a have got 2 light susex bantams they are 26 weeks old and a have got a incubater and a have got 17 light susex eggs in the incubater ready to hatch in 2 weeks time a cannot wait for some littel chiks :)

  28. Kelly Star

    I have 2 very old chickens that have known each other for so long. One is 5 & the other one is 8 or 9. The 5 year old is named Kiya & the other one is named Henny Penny!

  29. Mollie

    My chicken is 12 years old she sleeps out side with bigger hens

  30. Katie

    I’ve got two old girls, one is 11 (black austrolorpe) and the other is 10 (golden laced polish). The golden laced polish is still laying every 2 days (she just started again a few days ago!) and the other one has shown no signs of starting up again yet (if at all). I’ve always been curious about what can maximize the age of chickens!

  31. Usman Khan Lodhi

    I got a hen which is almost 11 years old. All of her partners have crossed but she is still living…. ;@

  32. Wayne

    Chickens are people. just lovem to bits…we put a camera in their coop and watched them at night via skype. they do a kind of dance up in the rafters until they settle down for the knight. Bantams all: Henrietta, Helena, Midge, Dot, Starlight, Lacey and Ginger 2. They rock. Henritta rules…she’s a cruel chook but fair!

  33. alex

    My hen is at least 22 years old she has been around for a long time one of my uncles first chickens and now I got her she is a blue acel and she has a messed up beak and she lives out side.also she’s does just fine . is it wierd that we get a baby out of her every now and then.

  34. Ann

    hey Everyone! All people who have old chickens, can you pleaaassee send me the type of chicken it is, the race. So far I had laying hybrids and they only became maximum 4 years old and developped ovarian tumors :( Really sad. They shouldnt breed animals to become like that.

    My email is [email protected]
    please name the race and age :)

  35. Baby Varghese

    We have a hen of 12 years old and is quite o.k.,but both of her legs are weak and can’t walk.We feed her and is friendly to us.It is an ordinary Indian chicken.I invite e-mails from those who have similar very old chicken to hear their stories.I give my e-mail address for this [email protected] is my id.Thank you

  36. Baby Varghese

    We have a hen of 12 years old and is quite o.k.,but both of her legs are weak and can’t walk.We feed her and is friendly to us.It is an ordinary Indian chicken.I invite e-mails from those who have similar very old chicken to hear their stories.I give my e-mail address for this purpose. [email protected] is my id.Thank you

  37. Zoe

    Hi I’m Zoe, I live in Australia and I have a chicken (Millie) who is 9 years and 2 months old and is still laying. She has outlived all of her many siblings ( she belonged to a massive clutch of chickens) and her parents. She has put up with a lot and has always lived outside in our chicken pen, with our other (younger 3-4 yo) chickens (Millie has asserted herself as the boss). A couple of years ago (not sure of the exact date) she became very broody over a clutch of eggs. A goanna was nearby in the bush and could smell the eggs. The goanna somehow managed to get into our chicken pen and into the chicken shed. Millie was so broody that even when the goanna came into the chicken shed she refused to get off the clutch of eggs and out of the nesting boxes and the shed. The goanna could smell the eggs under her and began trying to rake the eggs out from underneath her. The goanna soon left after giving up on its quest to get the eggs. When we later found Millie her stomach was bleeding badly due to 4, very deep punture wounds. All we could do was pour betadine (a powerful antiseptic agent that has a great deal of value when cleaning wounds) and bandaged her up. Over the next couple of weeks she stayed inside our house in a shoebox with towels in it, during her recovery. She recovered well but she still has a limp when she walks (a couple of years later)… :)

  38. Thomas

    I have a rooster who is going to be ten in April. He is potty trained and comes when called and knows how to stay till he is told to do otherwise. His name is Christmas … his last name is Dinner!.

  39. Thomas

    Christmas Dinner is doing well and is sitting on my lap as i type. :) There was a wild rabbit that followed him around outside, He always protected her, She apparently did not make it through the tough Michigan winter …. but a young rabbit has been coming around. Maybe it is her offspring.

  40. Madison

    My bantam rooster is now 15 years old.


    I have a small bantam who lives in my house, lean-to most of the time. She thinks she’s a dog as she stays with my two little doggies and sleeps in their bed with them. I bought her when she was 3 months old the end of spring 2003. She is now 15 years old.

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