USDA: Fries are fresh


Oh good Lord.

Remember when Reagan declared that ketchup was a vegetable? Well, the USDA has done Ronnie one better by proclaiming frozen french fries a “fresh vegetable.”

“While plaintiff argued that battered-coated French fries are processed products, they have not been ‘processed’ to the point that they are no longer ‘fresh,’ ” attorneys for the USDA argued.

“It is still considered ‘fresh’ because it is not preserved. It retains its perishable quality.”


4 Responses to “USDA: Fries are fresh”

  1. Levi

    Well, whether french fries are fresh or frozen is kind of beyond the point. In my mind even a plain baked potato can’t be called a vegetable (“fresh” or not). Technically speaking they are tubers. They may have some good nutrients in their skins, but come on, 99% is pure starch, and when you take away the skin that’s 100%! But then again, the government was never good at figuring out what people should and shouldn’t eat. There are too many special interests at work that are pushing their agendas. The food pyramid itself was cooked up in Washington by a journalist, not an expert in nutrition. So what do you expect? ;-)

  2. Asterix

    Yeah, well, is it any different than how the sodium caseinate in “non-dairy” creamer is made from milk, and even says so on the label? Quite an oxymoron…

    If the government declares it so, it must be so.

  3. Ryan

    Asterix — I was thinking about that very thing this morning, how items with the “non-dairy” label can still contain milk proteins. It’s irresponsible and deceptive, period.

  4. Marcy

    I hear that…speaking more on the dairy labeling issue, even though one could argue it’s not a noticeable amount of dairy, still, the fact remains that if there’s the slightest trace of nuts, etc. on the processing equipment it must be stated on the label…so why then is such dairy mislabeling allowed to occur? Because no one in the big “food” industries (or their politico friends) gives a fig for us vegans, that’s why.


    Also, the ones who *might* care (makers of alternative dairy products for a health food consumer) generally (99.9% of the time, and rising) make their soy cheese non-vegan, including caseins and then labeling in a deceptive manner. I know plenty who’ve been eating that stuff for years before I told them about it, and heard their dismay. (SoyKass comes to mind.)

    Now that (Yves, etc.) more health food companies are including egg whites and other non-vegan products in their otherwise vegan items, how is the average, let alone starter vegan supposed to figure it all out?? Ugh. This is why people get lazy about ingesting by-products…it’s hard to even know when you’re eating them. (Says the woman who avoids them even so.)

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