Punks and Chocolate Cupcakes

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I re-discovered The Post-Punk Kitchen site the other day. The PPK is a Brooklyn, NY-based vegan cooking show with a decidedly non-traditional approach. I had visited their site shortly before their first episode aired and went back again yesterday in search of some good dessert recipes and vegan baking tips. I was happy to see that the site has grown and the show has aired two episodes on public access television. In addition, they have a DVD available with both shows, whose purchase directly supports the airing of more episodes.

In any event, the Chocolate Orange Cupcakes were awesome. Very rich with a nice hint of orange. Next time around, I might even take one reviewer’s suggestion and add a little more Grand Marnier for a stronger orange flavor. One other modification I made to the recipe: I used 3/4 cup of sugar for the frosting because using only 1/2 cup resulted in a slightly too-buttery flavor. Give it a shot, though, and also try out the Chocolate Bomb Pudding Cake, specifically recommended to me by Isa, one of the site’s punktastic proprietors.

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  1. Robert

    My life could use the Chocolate Bomb Pudding Cake, although the description leaves much to be desired with the pathetic fallacy and all. ;-)

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