Low-carb popularity waning


The Washington Post is running a story about how low-carb product sales are declining, which I would never have guessed with the myriad new products claiming “low carb” on their labels, even if they never had any carbs to begin with. Really, if I never hear the abbreviation “carb” again, I’ll be happy.

The one good thing that came about from the Atkins/Zone/South Beach/etc. diets is that now it’s not so hard to find whole wheat hot dog and hamburger buns for my not dogs and veggie burgers.

4 Responses to “Low-carb popularity waning”

  1. Matt Kantor

    Yeah, I read this in National Restaurant News today. Seems like sales of Lo-carb supplements and foods are way off.

  2. Gary Miller

    This whole thing has gotten rather insane, pizza whithout a crust, burgers without a bun, low carb products that taste like flavored card board.

  3. Levi Wallach

    Well, could this have gone anywhere but down? Back in January or February it seemed like everyone and his brother was on South Beach! :) Most of the products that have come out in the last 6 months for the low-carb community have been overprocessed junk ala the whole low-fat movement of 10 years ago. Somehow whenever big food manufacturers get involved, they seem to ruin a potentially good thing. I think it goes towards this philosophy that people shouldn’t have to be “deprived.” Whenever you give up something, whether it’s carbs or meat, you are going to feel this way at least for a little while until you get used to eating a different way. But heaven for bit we should have the least bit of discomfort these days!

  4. Craig Chester

    It’s interesting how many companies are making products that are “low-carb” with the full realization that they may be pulling these products from the market in one year when this “craze” subsides.

    Also, it’s such a farse that people now think carbs are worse than the devil, the end all be all of human existence, but fat? Well there’s nothing wrong with fat anymore! So when you die of a heart attack because your arteries were 10 percent blood and 90 percent chocolate milkshake, don’t worry, because you cut down on those carbs!

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