I get jokes!


Wow… some people take this stuff a little too seriously. I just got an e-mail from a young lady who saw that I listed “cannibal vegetarian” on my classifications page and didn’t seem to get the joke:

Do you really expect to be taken seriously when you have”cannibal-vegetarian” listed on your site as a disciplined comsumptive practice? Anything i would’ve read on your website, and not already known to be true, I’d have dismissed as invalid simply because of your lack of representation of the vegetarian social movement. re-assessment may be beneficial! p.s. this is just my personal opinion, of course, but that’s nauseating.


5 Responses to “I get jokes!”

  1. les

    That makes sense to me. Know why I’m vegetarian? Because I love animals? No no my friend. It’s because I really HATE plants.

    The above is much funnier when said dead pan to people such as the nice lady who pointed out the error of your ways.

  2. barrett

    There’s only one proper response to that e-mail:

    Eat me.

  3. Ryan

    Nice. :)

  4. johanna

    slightly related… you may appreciate the buttons found here:

    they say “fish is not a vegetable” & “chicken is not a vegetable”… i am so excited about these buttons, & i figured you might appreciate them too, so i thought i’d drop a line letting you know. :)

  5. veggie joke

    what a grouch, like you can’t be funny when you provide information. her idea of a good read must be a college text book.

    good work on the site by the way.

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