Yves introducing three new (non-vegan) products


Yves Veggie Cuisine recently sent out a notice that they will be expanding their line in an attempt to draw more non-vegetarians into trying their line of vegetarian meat substitutes. The bad news:

Designed to make it more appealing for current non-vegans and non-vegetarians to eat meat-free, these new products were the result of extensive research into formulations that would elicit a definite intent to purchase. What we found was that the addition of natural dairy and egg ingredients dramatically increased willingness to try meat-free alternatives for current non-users.

The good news: over 30 of Yves’ products will remain vegan and will be clearly marked as such.

The new products are the Veggie Authentic Burger (a meat-like soy-based burger), the Savory Veggie Burger (whole grains, cheddar cheese, and vegetables), and a reformulated Veggie Good Dog.

This brings up the age old argument: is it better to introduce non-vegan products to help introduce meat eaters to vegetarian products or is it selling out ideals to appeal to the masses?

Hard to say and everyone’s going to have a different take on the issue, but at least they were forthcoming with the information.

I don’t see any information on their web site just yet, so here is the full text of their letter [PDF].

2 Responses to “Yves introducing three new (non-vegan) products”

  1. cub

    check to see if yves has a suspicious parent company– that will tell you all you need to know.

  2. Ginette Callaway

    My mother in law just went vegan because of problems with health she wants to avoid all meat and dairy. She just told us today she found Yves in a local Texas store. I must tell her that these products can not be trusted to be vegan. I will recommend her to use unprocessed products or those that are truly grain based. The types that I use. This is the problem you have companies advertise themselves as VEGAN and then they turn around and do this. I also never buy Morningstar, as a matter of fact as a Vegan when I see Vegetarian I don’t even bother anymore to read the label, they usually have egg white or whey or cheese in it. It’s actually not even vegetarian because true vegetarian eat Vegetation ie plant based foods.

    Best Vegan yet are Gardein products which I am now going to recommend to my mother in law as well as Tofurky and WestSoy non GMO Seitan Strips! No more Yves,

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