Herman Thrust on cookbooks


The new issue of The Green Goat, a vegan zine, is out and it has a fun article by our buddy and yours, Vegan Porn‘s Herman Thrust. The article is titled “Cookbook Archeology” and discusses vegetarian cookbooks of old and how people in the future will view our vegetarian cookbooks:

In the future we’re faced with two possibilities. In what we’ll call Evil future, all cookbooks will be meaningless because so many plant species will have been wiped out due to rampant strains of genetically modified crab grass (animal-based cookbooks will have similar problems with extinction). In Good future, people won’t have any trouble finding the products mentioned in today’s cookbooks because they’ll be all that people eat. Hey, we never said how far we’re going into the future! In fact, the real puzzle may be over comments like “this tastes a lot like chicken,” because people will figure that’s just a sick joke, like “this tastes a lot like grandma.” Let’s take a moment to be thankful that the grandma phrase never showed up in the books of the past, shall we?

Herman’s all over the place these days. In addition to VP, he writes columns for both The Green Goat, Herbivore, and his own blog. I suspect there’s some sort of plan for world takeover in the making, but I can’t prove it yet.

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