Tofurky’s sausage line: they’re all good


As I mentioned earlier, I really enjoyed the new Tofurky Kielbasas. In the last few weeks, I also tried their Italian Sausages and Beer Brats.

We chopped up the Italian Sausages, lightly browned them and then heated them with a store-bought marinara sauce before pouring the mixture over some whole wheat pasta. The sausage tasted outstanding: nice and meaty with just enough spice, a perfect compliment to a nice, garlicky tomato sauce.

Last week, I had the Beer Brats on a roll with some organic sauerkraut (who knew such a thing was so readily available?) and Dijon mustard. Now, when I ate meat I never had bratwurst, so I can’t really judge the authenticity of the taste and texture. All I can say is that, damn, they tasted really good in that sandwich. I’m thinking I might have one tonight for dinner…

So, all-in-all, I’m a big fan of Tofurky’s new line of sausages. They’re vegan and don’t have a list of ingredients longer than your arm… and they taste good, to boot. Color me sold.

All the varieties run somewhere around $4 for a pack of four and are available from large retailers like Whole Foods or through your local health food store (remember: they love special orders!).

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  1. Bob W

    well it may be good but it sure doesn’t sound good. tofurkey – what a name. turns out there’s no turkey in it, thank goodness. i think vegetarians and vegans should be forbidden from cooking with tofu for 6 months until they learn how not to inflict horrible substitue-meat recipes on the rest of us.

    tofu should only be allowed in certain chinese and korean dishes where there are time tested good recipes that aren’t ‘meat substitutes’.

    and why are we trying to make vegetarian versions of sausages? its like we hate the taste of vegetables but if they taste like meat then its ok. just stop eating sausages, is it that hard? are we descended from hard-core germans and can’t do without that particular taste?

    more people have been turned off from vegetarianism by tofu-base mean substitutes than by anything else.

    end of rant!

  2. Ryan

    I’ll reiterate something I’ve said before: just because I stopped eating meat doesn’t mean I didn’t like the taste of it. I stopped eating meat for ethical and health reasons, and what’s wrong with wanting to return to familiar tastes, textures, recipes, and dishes if it doesn’t hurt anyone?

    And I highly disagree with the assertion that “more people have been turned off from vegetarianism by tofu-base mean substitutes than by anything else.” If anything, meat substitutes have gotten so good in recent years, they’re making it a lot easier for hardcore meat eaters to cut back on meat consumption or go veggie all together.

  3. jen

    I concur, Ryan! Tofu frightens the hell out of my mother, whether it’s in a chinese stir fry or not. But boca burgers? She loves them! I also have a friend who prefers vegetarian chick nuggets to the real thing because she is an extraordinarily picky eater and likes the consistent texture of the veggie kind.

    And vegetarian brats? As a Wisconsin-born girl, I can’t wait to try them!

  4. Gary

    I’m with Ryan and Jen. The animals whose lives are spared don’t care if you’re eating marinara or fake meat. Besides, a lot of the taste of both “real” and fake meat is flavorings and spices.

    My experiences have been similar to Jen’s. Fake meat has been a great way to get carnivores to consider plant-based alternatives.

    Anyway, we tried the Beer Brats tonight. Had them on a bun, with grilled onions and an “assertive mustard.” A keeper.

    For the record, I like tofu.

  5. Sam

    Bob, you are the exactly the type of pushy, self-rightous, bastard that makes the whole rest of the world loath vegans. I often feel I have to appologize for people like you when I tell people I am vegan. When I work a 10 hour day, i don’t feel like making “certain chinese and korean dishes where there are time tested good recipes”. If I can make a tofurky sausage that has a whopping 24grams of protein in about 5 minutes, this seems like a good alternative. especially since they taste kick ass.

    and yeah, fake meat tastes way better than real meat because its not all oily and fatty and disgusting. stop being lame.

  6. andy

    Yeah those sausages are great! I am a newer vegan… almost 2 weeks in. These sausages have prevented me from going back to meat… theyre just so damn good. even if i stop being a vegan i will still eat them!

  7. kim

    Wow – When I first read Bob’s reply I was taken back by how quick he was to judge and get defensive. I could feel myself getting heated until I read the rest of the responses which were much more thought out and fair. I have been a vegetarian for a year now!!! This is exciting for me because all my life I was told “Eat what’s put on the table, don’t complain, or go to bed hungry.” I decided to make a change last year after seeing in our local grocery store all the “replacements” they had and thinking how easy the transition would be especially living with my husband who does eat meat. So to Bob and those alike, Let me tell you, it’s because of brands like Tofurky that tonight I am able to enjoy a meal similar to my husbands that tastes equally as delicious (if not more to me). I’m sure the animals I’ve saved in the past year are agreeing with me right now!!!

    Kim in Tampa

  8. Tina

    There are many reasons people don’t eat animal meat, from medical to religious to ethical reasons. Bob, you’re obviously ignorant and should think before you speak. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 15 years, and it wasn’t because I didn’t like the taste of let’s say, a chopped barbeque beef sandwhich. And to be honest, I don’t have any obligation to explain myself to anyone about WHY i don’t eat meat. Taste is a matter of opinion, and chinese food tastes like $hi+ … no thanks.

  9. Adri

    I love tofu, I can’t make it right though so I only try to eat it when I am at a restaurant. I just bought the kielbasa tofurky sausages and Im excited to try them. I have never been a fan of fake “meat” but I was told that these are pretty good.
    Ive been vegetarian for a year now and I love it. Just being the vegetarian in the room always raises questions and im hoping I can show people how easy it can be with some meatless sausages.

  10. Catherine

    Homemade sausage is the best food.
    Would you like Olympic health?
    Sausage pave the way to the Olympics.

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