Vegan Kielbasa


This weekend I got my first taste of Tofurky’s new vegan kielbasa. Being half-Polish, I’ve tasted a few kielbasas in my time and while I haven’t been itching for them since I became vegetarian, I was certainly interested in trying these puppies out.

Interestingly, all of the new Tofurky sausages are designed to be used on a grill. I heated mine in a microwave since my grill is currently in my basement waiting for a thaw before it finds its way back into my backyard. The spices are well balanced and the texture is pretty close to the real thing, though perhaps a bit more compressed. It was tasty and filling on its own, but I think that this will really shine on a roll with some sauerkraut. Healthwise, it’s not too bad: though it has a fair amount of sodium and is far from low-cal, it’s got no cholesterol (it’s vegan, so of course it’s got no cholesterol!), 26 grams of protein, 8% of the RDA for calcium, and 10% of the RDA for iron.

Also in the fridge, just waiting to be tried: the Tofurky beerbrats and sweet Italian sausage.

Vegan kielbasa… it’s getting easier and easier to go vegetarian.

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  1. px

    do you guys watch television? do you realize that these products start out as a starchy, disgusting-looking dough-type product? i’d rather eat cheese food.

  2. Ryan

    Boy, somebody’s feeling snarky today.

    I don’t quite understand what about that is a revelation… sure, we all realize that processed foods are… processed. But I’d rather eat processed vegan food than processed meat. Significantly less disgusting.

  3. Asterix

    So, bread starts out as a starchy, dough-type product. And, there’s muffins and dosas and mashed potatos with celeriac… I could go on.

    While you’re eating your cheese, px, think about what rennet is.

    I, for one, will definitely try the kielbasa, and I’m really happy there’s now an Italian sausage that’s not Boca. (I call them ‘snausage’. :)

  4. Pawel

    I’m Polish and I like kielbasa very much (actually – kiebasa), especially when it is taken straight from the camp-fire :) I can’t even imagine eating anything like “Vegan Kielbasa”

  5. Cornelius

    Just got done eating 2 and a half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ame

    Hi, I’m Polish too and dying to try out the Tofurky’s kielbasa and other sausages. Unfortunately, their products don’t seem to be available in the UK. I like Tesco’s Hot Dog Frankfurters and although they are edible I’m not recommending them because of the awful sounding ingredients. There are 2 other companies in the UK selling vegetarian sausages in the mainstream stores but taste-wise don’t compare to old good kielbasa.
    I would appreciate any pointers to some tasty sausages!

  7. Mary

    I feel different about the Tofurky kielbasa…I had it on a roll with sauerkraut, ketchup and some mustard and I didn’t think it was that great. In fact, I was dissapointed! Now, I didn’t do it on the grill, I put on the skillet, but still!

  8. Danielle

    Cut up an onion, some mushrooms, a bell pepper (or use the frozen slices), a couple Tofurkey sausages, fry them all up, serve with pasta. Voila, an easy meal.

    The Italian flavor is pretty good in pasta sauce.

  9. Pete

    no kielbasa here in canada :( i checked a few places and no luck, i guess i’ll have to start calling places to find them :)

  10. jan

    If you are truly polish, and like myself used to make your own kielbasa, do not try it. It will make you want to give up your heritage.

  11. Sheri Howarth

    Can anyone tell me where I can purchase kielbasa sausages here in the UK, either in-store or online? I’ve looked everywhere and surfed the net to no end. I’m pulling my hair out!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to serve them at my husband’s 50th – I have a great recipe for them.

    Many thanks,

  12. speedwell

    “a starchy, disgusting-looking dough-type product”

    Hello, wheat gluten. Protein, not starch. Protein, in fact, with the starch washed out. “Processed” by washing the starch out of flour. Tofu is more processed.

  13. Argh

    I cannot stand it when people who have either never tried a vegan substitute, or who have tried it only a handful of times, think they can post all sorts of rude and judgmental comments on productive blogs like this one. I always look forward to all kinds of kitchen experiments, and it bugs me to see such ignorance. This is part of what’s wrong with the US! Why don’t you people read up on this stuff before spreading your ignorance all over?

    Anyway, I have only tried vegan kielbasa once but I was thoroughly impressed. I believe I will try it mixed with mashed potatoes, cabbage, imitation bacon bits and sprinkled with Tillamook cheese (which is processed without rennet).

  14. Janine R

    I’m actually eating some baked baked beans with cut up Tofurky kielbasa right now. While the kielbasa has a nice flavor, I’ll admit I was a litte disappointed at first bite because the taste isn’t at all like the kielbasa I remember eating back in my carnivorous days. I wasn’t expecting it to taste EXACTLY like the meat version, but I thought there would be a similar taste. Had the package not been labeled, I would never have known that it was supposed to be a vegan alternative to kielbasa. Again, the sausages aren’t bad – I’d certainly eat them again – I just have a feeling they’d taste much better grilled.

  15. Sheila

    I haven’t tried the Tofurky sausages/kielbasa in several years but I do remember that I didn’t like them… even after trying several different ways of making them. However, since then, I have discovered that it isn’t that hard to make your own sausages (not kielbasa but close) and you can find recipes online or in the cookbook Vegan Brunch. Pretty easy and they are quite tasty… my favorite is when cooked with peppers, onions and tomatoes.

  16. Rachel

    Pawel, do you know of the abject horror and torture of animal farming? As an aside, the stress hormones released during processing while still alive remain in ‘real’ meat; we all know that our own kill us, theirs’ increases the load in our bodies.
    The daily MASS cruelty is why most vegans choose to be vegan. For most it’s not because we dislike the taste of real meat.

  17. Robin

    @Rachel–hear, hear!

    Perhaps the most revelatory moment in my eating life was when I assumed a vegetarian friend disliked meat. He said, so matter-of-factly, “Oh, it isn’t because I don’t like meat.” and left it at that. Left me to figure out why he was vegetarian. And I did. And I became vegetarian, too. And then I became vegan.
    The effects of animal farming are visible throughout our crumbling society.

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