New vegan cooking show debuts


Via Orkut, of all places, Wisdom Television apparently has a new vegan cooking show titled “Food for Life” that debuts this Saturday at 7:30pm eastern and replays Sunday at 2:30pm eastern. Dr. Neal Bernard from the PCRM teams up with Marc Félix, the catering chef of the Plaza Hotel in NYC to serve up a three-course meal of Gazpacho, Pot au Feu with Couscous, and Coupe Romanoff. Sounds good to me!

To the best of my knowledge, this is the most widely distributed vegan cooking show yet. Of course, I’d love to see PBS pick up this type of show (speaking of which, where the heck has Regina gone?) to bring it to an even wider audience.

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  1. Marla

    Christina Cooks is another vegan cooking show (with a macrobiotic focus) that plays in many markets. You can find out if she’s in your area at

  2. Bryan

    I just checked if Christina Cooks is carried in Kansas City. Wow, it is! I’m suprised they let a vegan cooking show air in the midwest.

    *reaches for his Tivo remote*

  3. elisabeth

    BEST SHOW !!!!
    I loved it, when is the next one?
    chef marc and Dr Neal is a match!!!!!!!!

  4. myori

    when is the next show?
    Please, Please,
    Dr barnard and chef Marc are the best>>>>>>>

  5. Yvonne

    I just found out that Christina Cooks is on KSPS in Calgary for the next two Sundays (April 17 & May 1)at 12:30 PM local time. I hope it’s a continued series – I love her web site and books and hoping she puts out a video soon.

  6. Danielle

    I love this show! How great is it that we have a woman focusing on whole foods. Does anyone remember the episode with the broccoli rabe and asparagus? That rocked! I am super excited!
    -Danielle :)

  7. leah

    Does anybody have the recipe w sausage tofu, white beans , chard and penne pasta?? Pls share. Thanks

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