Vegan Kielbasa


This weekend I got my first taste of Tofurky’s new vegan kielbasa. Being half-Polish, I’ve tasted a few kielbasas in my time and while I haven’t been itching for them since I became vegetarian, I was certainly interested in trying these puppies out.

Interestingly, all of the new Tofurky sausages are designed to be used on a grill. I heated mine in a microwave since my grill is currently in my basement waiting for a thaw before it finds its way back into my backyard. The spices are well balanced and the texture is pretty close to the real thing, though perhaps a bit more compressed. It was tasty and filling on its own, but I think that this will really shine on a roll with some sauerkraut. Healthwise, it’s not too bad: though it has a fair amount of sodium and is far from low-cal, it’s got no cholesterol (it’s vegan, so of course it’s got no cholesterol!), 26 grams of protein, 8% of the RDA for calcium, and 10% of the RDA for iron.

Also in the fridge, just waiting to be tried: the Tofurky beerbrats and sweet Italian sausage.

Vegan kielbasa… it’s getting easier and easier to go vegetarian.

Sonicwall blocks the Veg Blog


I got a note today from a friend that he can’t visit the Veg Blog from his job at a New Jersey school district because they use SonicWALL Content Filtering, which results in this when they try to load the site:

Sonicwall blogs the Veg Blog

I tell ya! You never want to let those impressionable students access something as controversial as information about vegetarianism! I sent an e-mail to Sonicwall, so we’ll see if they take any action.

Just another reason why Internet filtering software is a total waste.

New vegan cooking show debuts


Via Orkut, of all places, Wisdom Television apparently has a new vegan cooking show titled “Food for Life” that debuts this Saturday at 7:30pm eastern and replays Sunday at 2:30pm eastern. Dr. Neal Bernard from the PCRM teams up with Marc Félix, the catering chef of the Plaza Hotel in NYC to serve up a three-course meal of Gazpacho, Pot au Feu with Couscous, and Coupe Romanoff. Sounds good to me!

To the best of my knowledge, this is the most widely distributed vegan cooking show yet. Of course, I’d love to see PBS pick up this type of show (speaking of which, where the heck has Regina gone?) to bring it to an even wider audience.

Woody No Weed

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A sweet guy preaches a raw message

Sure, we all knew that Woody Harrelson was vegan. Most of us probably even knew he had transitioned to a partially raw diet. But am I the only one that had no idea that the “hero of hemp farmers” had stopped smoking weed (a number of times)? Sure his attempts were short-lived and he’s mainly preaching a “moderation” message now, but I had always kind of pictured him like the modern day Bob Marley, minus the music.

A good read with some interesting thoughts on raising vegan children.

Freeganism revisited


Last year I posted about Freeganism and since then, a number of people have contacted me for more information about it (mainly journalists). I really don’t have much information beyond what I’ve posted, but since there seems to be an interest about the ultimate in anti-consumerism, I figured I’d pass along Why Freegan: An Attack on Consumption, In Defense of Donuts. I can’t say I’ll be digging through the trash for food anytime soon, but you’ve gotta at least respect these folks for truly living what they believe in, not many people can really say they do.