Ready-to-heat veggie paella

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Fantastic Foods’ new Fast Naturals line is worth checking out if you’re looking for something different to pack in your lunch. These tasty ready-made meals don’t require refrigeration and take only a few minutes in the microwave. My current obsession is the Vegetarian Spanish Paella… man is it tasty, especially for being ready-made. It’s vegan and has a very rich, complex flavor while keeping fat to a minimum but also providing a decent amount of fiber (18% RDA), Vitamin A (20%), Vitamin C (80%), and Iron (15%). Good stuff.

Veg Blog move… once again

The Veg Blog is switching servers again, so commenting on entries will be temporarily disabled. It should be reenabled later this week.

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Update: The move is complete.

“Straight-edge” is more old school than you thought


There’s an interesting post over at BoingBoing about the history of the term “straight-edge,”, which refers to people that refrain from alcohol, drugs, and often meat and animal products. Most people (myself included) thought this term originated during the birth of hardcore music and bands like Minor Threat, but it turns out the term actually dates back to the early 1900s! Interesting stuff.

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Pomegranate tips


I had a pomegranate sitting in my fridge that was still (barely) good and decided to try out a tip I originally read in Sunlight Cafe for extracting the seeds. I’m happy to report that it works extremely well, so file this hint away until autumn when pomegranates come back in season:

Fill a bowl with cool water. Cut the pomegranate into four chunks and submerge the chunks in the water. Almost immediately, you’ll be able to start separating the seeds and pith quite easily. The seeds sink to the bottom, the pith floats to the top. It’s a lot quicker and much less messy than the old pick-as-you-eat method.

(And, just for fun, some nutritional information on pomegranates.)