Where oh where is my tofu?

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I’ve become increasingly annoyed with my local Giant supermarket. While I’m pleased they have a decent selection of frozen veggie foods and I even like how they Fresh-Food-ized their health food section (it’s the only area of the store with a wood floor), I’d noticed in recent months that their tofu selection was dwindling. Now, they’ve never offered anything like the baked tofu I can get at the local health food store, but I always counted on being able to find either silken or regular varieties of soft, firm, and extra firm tofu at Giant. A few weeks ago, the only tofu they had was regular firm. Earlier this week I decided to pick up a package of the firm tofu and simply couldn’t find it. I asked three different employees and was told four different places to check for it. It wasn’t anywhere to be found.

Really, considering how well our Giant does with health food and vegetarian options, I’d expect it to be a little easier to find the tofu.

Oh, and while I’m at it, I don’t like that there are a few chicken-based foods in the “vegetarian specialties” section of the frozen food aisle. Sure, they’re part of the Ethnic Gourmet line which has a number of vegetarian options, but the chicken dishes certainly aren’t.

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  1. lj

    our giant has some tofu but well that’s since after development in the area (falls church) and well giant used to be quite reliable now it’s getting funky and i’m afraid that not only will some of my fav. vegetarian/vegan items won’t be available but they’ll go bankrupt.

    since the dutch take over giants been sucking majorily.

    now they’re trying to get a wacovia and starbucks… that’s a bad sign.

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