“Straight-edge” is more old school than you thought


There’s an interesting post over at BoingBoing about the history of the term “straight-edge,”, which refers to people that refrain from alcohol, drugs, and often meat and animal products. Most people (myself included) thought this term originated during the birth of hardcore music and bands like Minor Threat, but it turns out the term actually dates back to the early 1900s! Interesting stuff.

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3 Responses to ““Straight-edge” is more old school than you thought”

  1. Robert

    To be true to the inspiration, Minor Threat’s song “Straight Edge,” the term refers exclusively to abstaining from drugs and alcohol. They have another song (I forget the title) that includes not being sexually promiscuous and not smoking. All the business about vegetarianism, etc., got tacked on later.

    BTW, “straight edge” always has referred to a ruler or any other device used for drawing a straight line. The metaphore makes sense now as much as it did in 1900.

  2. Cat

    Well, cool. Guess I’m old school straight edge.

    *waits for beating*

  3. Mike

    Straight edge is nothing to do with vegetarianism. It didnt get ‘tacked on later’ vegetarianism and straight edge are 2 completely differnet things.

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