Product Review: Vegan Supreme Marshmallows


When I became vegetarian a few years ago, I was still learning about what did and didn’t contain animal ingredients. I didn’t even think about marshmallows as a possible culprit, but indeed, they’re not just non-vegan, they’re non-vegetarian. Gelatin, used primarily as a binding agent, is made from a variety of animal parts.

A while back I pointed a recipe for vegan marshmallows, noting that the only companies that made them had since ceased production. Happily, though, this year two new brands of vegan marshmallows hit the market.

Ming from Vegan Supreme Marshmallows was nice enough to send along some marshmallows and Rice Krispy—er, Krispy Rice—Treats to try out.

I tried the Krispy Rice Treats first. The regular certainly tasted like a traditional Rice Krispy Treat, but unfortunately, had gotten a little stale in the time it took to get to me. Refrigerating it helped the problem a bit, but there was definitely still a weird texture about it. Ming confirmed that this is an issue they’re continually trying to fix. So, rest assured, they’re looking for a better solution. On the other hand, the Peanut Butter Treat’s texture was just fine and tasted excellent. Sweet, but not too sweet, and pleasantly chewy. I wouldn’t mind having one of these in my lunch bag every day.

I held off on trying the marshmallows themselves until I could get a few other people in on the testing. I put one bag in the fridge and one bag in the freezer, as suggested, to help restore the normal consistency (they can get a little too squishy in the mail). This certainly did the trick, as the next day they were ready to go in a S’mores-making test with my wife, my sister, and my 5 1/2-year-old niece. The marshmallows melted wonderfully, just like the “real thing” (if using animal products somehow makes something like this more “real”), as you can see in this picture. They stuck to our fingers as we ate the S’mores and certainly met my niece’s approval. There’s no doubt: these will cut the mustard with any audience, vegetarian or otherwise.

For me, though, the real test was how good they tasted by themselves, so we all tried a few straight from the bag. Once again, this is no half-assed vegan substitution, these are honest-to-God marshmallows that will bring memories flooding back to vegans who haven’t tasted one in years. In fact, I’d venture to say they’re even better than I remembered marshmallows tasting. They’re fluffier and definitely fresher tasting than standard store-bought ones.

The marshmallows are made from non-bone-char-refined sugar, water, light corn syrup, Emes vegan gelatin, vanilla extract, corn starch, and sea salt. They’re distributed by Vegan Essentials and a few selected stores. One 10 oz. bag runs about $6 and the Krispy Rice Treats cost $2. Expensive, but Vegan Supreme is a small company that makes the marshmallows from scratch. With time and support, I’m sure the prices will come down.

Pick up a bag online or request them at your local natural food store. Come to think of it, a cup of hot chocolate (vegan, of course) would taste awfully good with some of these right now.

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  1. Robert

    What they need next is vegan marshmallow fluff for making vegan fluffernutters.

  2. christa-blaise

    OHH My Goodness!!!! theese are the best things to happen to a vegan diet, when every one around you is indulging on all that “pastry” stuff you want something sweet too, ya know you don’t want to give in to those tempations.
    I felt a little silly asking a stockperson at a health food store if there was a vegan alternative to marshmallows, (with wishfull thinking since my sister had suggested having “s’mores” on christmas eve, i liked the idea but not the actual animal marshmallow part)I couldnt believe it when he told me to find them online!
    a week before christmas i ordered Vegan Supreme Marshmallows with a little hesitation thinking is it worth it then what the heck to splurge for the occasion. I am so gald i did because like i said before OOHH my gosh are they SOOOO worth every penny. if only i could eat them all the time, i had to ration them by cutting them into fourths, so only request would be to make Mini ones too.yummilicious!

  3. Grace

    I’m not a vegan or vegetarian, but a friend of mine shared some of her vegan supreme marshmallows with me and they are FABULOUS! Even better than the storebought crapola.

    First of all, you can eat them straight from the package. They are soft and sweet, and have a pleasingly gooey, squishy texture. My boyfriend (another non-vegan) goes mad when he sees the marshmallows and wolfs them straight from the bag.

    They melt just like the store ones and you can make all your regular marshmallow treats. Total splurge item, but worth it for everyone, even non-vegs.

  4. Debbie

    anyone can make them just replace the gelatin, egg whites with emes vegan kosker gelatin in any recipe
    look in the ultimate candy book for a easy to convery recipe
    you need a thermomator to get the boiling sugar to the right temp if your unexperianced in candy sugar making
    and a mixer to whip it, a standing mixer or a hand held and a friend to slowly pour it over the kosher gelatin mixture
    you can flavor it anyway and color them too
    roll them in toasted coconut
    dip them in melted chocolate * chill them in the freezer first for awhile so the warm melted bittersweet choclate wont melt them
    you could pour them to set over a BAKED cookie crust and spread rasberry jam over them let it set
    add melted chocalate
    Id line the pan with stick free foil so you can lift it out before you pour on chocalte
    chill it first so the jam and marshmellows firm and cold
    let it sit in fridge with choclate ofr awhile before cuting with a thin sharp knife
    now eat freak out and enjoy
    being vegan is better than anything

  5. Ben

    I realize this is 3 years late, but those marshmallows were not vegan!

  6. Karen

    Re Ben’s comment–the irony is that “emes” (or “emet” if pronounced in the Sephardic manner) is Hebrew for “truth!” Go figure!

  7. Danielle

    Robert, if you still hang around this site, check out Suzanne’s Ricemellow Fluff. You can get it on vegan shopping sites. It will make an excellent fluffernutter.

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