It’s good. You need the protein.

‘You Don’t Eat Meat? Then You Don’t Eat!’

In this story from the Pacific News Service, a 23-year-old Iranian-American discusses the difficulty of being vegetarian after growing up as part of a very meat-centric culture. Her story is probably familiar to us in one way or another when we’ve had to explain why we’re vegetarian or what being vegetarian means to those close to us that just don’t understand.

I was raised on jeegar (cow tongue), kabob (beef or chicken cooked on a skewer) and mahi (fish). I can’t name a single dish I ate as a child that didn’t contain meat. Almost no vegetarian Iranian dishes exist. Even lubia polo, which is Spanish-style rice and string beans, contains little pieces of ground beef. That’s why, to my 75-year-old grandmother, not eating meat just doesn’t make sense.

Dodge the angry bovines

Jeez, I go away for a few days and mad cow is discovered in the United States.

To get up-to-date, I suggest visiting and, both of whom have kept track of recent events on their front pages. In addition, I’ve added a temporary “mad cow” feed to the news feeds page.

Hope you all had a happy holiday. I was working my way through a nasty cold, so my Christmas dinner was a bowl of miso soup and some tasty sides from my family’s main meal.

Minor site updates


You may notice that on-site comments and off-site trackbacks have been combined using SimpleComments, and really it makes sense. They are displayed slightly differently so that you can tell which comments are local and which are remote, at a glance.

Also, I’ve made e-mail and name required fields to leave a comment, but the site will no longer display your e-mail address in order to help keep it hidden from spammers.

These are the first of a number of changes in the works over the coming month or two at the Veg Blog. It’s hard to believe that this site’s been around for over three years. Thanks, as always, for reading.

Vegan diet mistakenly blamed for baby’s death

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Falsely Diagnosed as Malnutrition from Vegan Diet

Erik at pointed out this frustrating and saddening article about a family whose young child died of what was originally thought to be malnutrition due to a vegan diet but was later proven to be caused by carbon monoxide poisoning from an exhaust vent. Unfortunately, the state of Utah is ignoring this “clear case of carbon monoxide poisoning” and is taking one of the couple’s other children away because the state is still convinced that the baby’s vegan diet was to blame for its death.