Bonito = tuna


Sorry for the lack of posts recently… I’ve been on vacation and away from the computer for a bit.

One lesson learned: “bonito” is a type of tuna also known as “katsuobushi.” Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this before trying Kikkoman’s Instant Miso Soup. Now I know… and so do you.

4 Responses to “Bonito = tuna”

  1. JeanNINE

    Good Lord, that’s like being slipped a Mickey!

  2. Ryan

    Hopefully my membership in the vegetarian club won’t be revoked. :)

  3. Stace

    Every vegetarian has a slip accidently I am sure! Sometimes you just can’t help those unknown ingredients, your veggies touching meat on a plate or even those well meaning relatives sneaking secret ingredients in on ya ;) Don’t beat yourself up over it! The fact that you were so conscientious to even look it up afterwards says something about your “loyality” ;)

  4. Luxxx

    Yup. That’s why being vegan in Japan was absolute hell. It’s in EVERYTHING!

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