Attracting Tornadoes and Turkeys


Battling the Bird

A wild turkey is an unwelcome visitor at a California mobile home park. The bird chases cars, leaves its droppings about, and generally annoys the residents. If you were a believer in stereotypes, you’d think that someone would have come out of their mobile home and taken a shot at the turkey, particularly with Thanksgiving approaching. But if you know better, than you won’t be surprised at this:

[Gloria] Wagner tried calling every agency she could think of, attempting to find someone who will catch the turkey and return it to a natural environment. She does not believe that a Thanksgiving plate is a suitable alternative.

“I’m a vegetarian. I would just like it returned to the wild.”

Unfortunately, the agencies she’s called haven’t responded.

One final amusing note: the last sentence of the story starts with, “To report a turkey problem…” That’s just not a phrase you read very often.

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