Bonito = tuna


Sorry for the lack of posts recently… I’ve been on vacation and away from the computer for a bit.

One lesson learned: “bonito” is a type of tuna also known as “katsuobushi.” Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this before trying Kikkoman’s Instant Miso Soup. Now I know… and so do you.

Calling Chicago readers

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Calling Chicago Veg Blog readers…

If you’d be interested in doing a Veg Blog get-together (I refuse to call it a “meetup”!) late next week, I’m thinking lunch at some nifty cool place near an El stop, drop me a note or leave a comment here. I’ll be in the area and would like to meet some of you fine folks in Chi-town.

Quotes from the “Right”

I have no reason to point out this article except for this sentence fragment:

An activist animal “rights” group says vegan food has gone mainstream…

Why is “rights” in quotes? Is this some smart ass way of implying that animals don’t have rights? Or is it just poor journalism? Probably both.

Attracting Tornadoes and Turkeys

Battling the Bird

A wild turkey is an unwelcome visitor at a California mobile home park. The bird chases cars, leaves its droppings about, and generally annoys the residents. If you were a believer in stereotypes, you’d think that someone would have come out of their mobile home and taken a shot at the turkey, particularly with Thanksgiving approaching. But if you know better, than you won’t be surprised at this:

[Gloria] Wagner tried calling every agency she could think of, attempting to find someone who will catch the turkey and return it to a natural environment. She does not believe that a Thanksgiving plate is a suitable alternative.

“I’m a vegetarian. I would just like it returned to the wild.”

Unfortunately, the agencies she’s called haven’t responded.

One final amusing note: the last sentence of the story starts with, “To report a turkey problem…” That’s just not a phrase you read very often.

Cow with six legs cared for by monks

Did you see the cow with six legs? The cow, who is being taken care of by monks at a Buddhist pagoda in Cambodia, has an extra pair of legs protruding from her back. Her name is “Cham Leck,” which means “Strange” in Khmer.

Notice the headline? “Rare Cow is a Sixy Beast.” Those folks at Sky News have a sense of humor, alright.