Down Under, McDonald’s healthy options sell very well


Do you think McDonald’s in the United States will take notice of this somewhat surprising trend in Australia’s McDonald’s?:

McDonald’s Australia Ltd chief executive and managing director Guy Russo said the salads, yoghurt and vegetarian burgers introduced alongside the restaurant chain’s Cheeseburgers and Big Macs two months ago had proven to be a hit.

“Customers are buying the products – we have probably in the first four weeks sold what we thought would take three months to sell.”

What more proof could McDonald’s need that a veggie burger should be added to their menu?

4 Responses to “Down Under, McDonald’s healthy options sell very well”

  1. Eliza

    I assure you – no “healthy” salady goopy McDonald’s menu items will change my opinion. Pure evil…

    Burger King (“down” here in Australia, at least) have a veggie burger. Anyone dare eat it? No f*&%ing way!

  2. Cameron Reilly

    the “healthy” options at McDonalds in Australia aren’t so healthy. Okay, maybe compared to the rest of the menu they are slightly less hazardous to your health, but not by much. A quick look at the “nutritional information” McDonalds is providing for their healthy options will quickly dissuade most knowledgeable eaters. Way too much fat and too many calories per meal.

  3. Lee Oldham

    I think that the best thing about McDonalds was the introduction of it’s McCafes, in particular the introduction of a couple of Gluten free items that let Ceoliac’s such as my self a little bit more of an option. I note that you have now introduced freshly made rolls. Would you knindly consider including more gluten free items on your menu so that I do not have to always carry my own special bread with me. Within the next 10 years 14% of the Australian population will have been diagnosed as Gluten intolerant. I am a Baby Boomer and am contemplating a lot of travel both nationally and internationally, having the option of call into a McDonalds restaurant for a quick bite to eat without carry my own supplies would be great.

  4. Sophie Kenward

    Hey I’m from the UK and my partner is a veggie. Whenever we eat in McDonald’s (which is normally when we’re rushed and it’s the only place on the motorway!), I find that there is literally nothing for him to eat.
    I couldn’t ask for more choice if I tried, if I settle with the fact that just about everything will give me a heart attack as even the salad has the same amount of calories as a Big Mac.
    My partner however has the choice of fries or a roasted vegetable sandwich. He dislikes the roasted veg thing as it tasts awful (really awful, unless you enjoy greasey veg…) so is left with fries.

    We end up getting whatever I’m having and a big mac with no burgers which costs over two pounds!
    They did do the quorn burger, and cut it and before that the veggie burger.

    How can a branded corporate company lke McDonald’s not accomadate for such a large community of people?! It takes the piss! And as for them rebranding themselves to show that they are revising their menu and are all of a sudden healthier that doesn’t make sense, because a veggie or quorn burger are 10 times healthier than their meat options.

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