Vegan Marshmallows


The latest VRG e-mail newsletter has some good news for vegetarians looking for marshmallows (regular marshmallows contain gelatin): there are two new products on the market. The newsletter says:

The marshmallows from Pangea Vegan Products are in between the large “jet puff” sized and the mini “hot coco” sized marshmallows that you may be familiar with. Pangea’s marshmallows have the rounded shape and fluffy texture associated with commercial, non-vegetarian marshmallows.

The marshmallows from Vegan Essentials are made by Vegan Supreme Marshmallows. Cut into generous sized cubes, the marshmallows have a smooth, almost creamy texture. Regular and peanut butter Vegan Supreme Krispy Rice Treats bars are also available.

I’ve got to score me some of those!

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  1. muckdog

    I hope this is quickly followed up with a “Vegan Smores” blog!

  2. Ryan Howard

    The vegan essentials variety tastes more like what I remember real marshmallows tasting like. They’re puffy and SUPER nice. Also, Pangea’s are made on non-vegan equipment… in fact, equipment used to make gelatin-based marshmallows.

  3. Vegan Foodie

    There’s a new company, Sweet & Sara, that sells vegan baked goods by bulk. They make vegan marshmallows and delicious smores (marshmallow & chocolate & nuts). It’s decadent and just to die for.
    Sweet & Sara.

  4. Maddy

    You might want to read this if you eat Vegan Supreme Marshmallows.

  5. Ryan

    The ingredients on their site are listed as: sugar (non-bone char refined), water, light corn syrup, carageenan, locust bean gum, malto-dextrin, vanilla extract, corn starch, sea salt.

    I guess they’re not using Emes any more? I don’t see anything on their site about them halting production, though.

  6. VeganSommelier

    I would suspect that Vegan Supreme marshmallows are still made using Emes… I noticed that Vegan Essentials has stopped selling them.

  7. govegan

    anyone know the status of the emes jel? vegan supreme stopped making their marshmallows and tiny trapeze marshmallows continues to use emes. i use emes and would like to get to the bottom of this!

  8. karen

    What happened to vegan supreme marshmallows-they were the best!

  9. Vegan Sommelier

    Karen – Vegan Supreme marshmallows are no longer being produced because they had been relying on Emes Kosher Jel as an ingredient. I don’t know for sure if it’s true or not, but it seems that recent tests have indicated that Emes Kosher Jel does, in fact, contain animal-derived gelatin. (Again, I do NOT know for certain how much truth there is in this allegation, but quite a few sources have indicated that it looks pretty bad for Emes.)

    As for what that means for Vegan Supreme, they are currently trying to find an alternative ingregient to replace the Emes Kosher Jel in their marshmallows. They hope to resume production once they have reformulated their product; however, no one knows how long it will be before this happens.

  10. Vegan Rapunzel

    I found a vegan marshmallow that does NOT use Emes. The link is:

    Anyone ever heard if IL decided to press charges against Emes?


  11. vegangirl

    Sweet & Sara makes vegan marshmallows using a non-emes formula. Our friend ordered a few boxes and cant get enough of them! They are absolutely scrumptious! They roast and melt and taste like the real thing, only better! yummo!

  12. Jill

    I’ve been making, I thought, vegetarian marshmallows using EMES but found out recently about the non veg.. contents. Anyone have a working replacement for Emes?

  13. Danielle

    You know what’s ironic? “Emes” is Hebrew for “truth.” Emes, a company that lied about the source of its gelatin. Go figya.

  14. Sarah Farrant

    Can the Sweetandsara marshmallows be purchased on line? Their site doesn’t seem to have any links to purchase boxes of veggie marshmallows.


  15. Lianne

    I just contacted Sara and you can order the marshmallows by email!

  16. Krista

    Vegan Essentials now has VeganSweets Marshmallows. They say they are completely vegan and they make great rice krispie squares! They use agar agar instead of gelatin.

  17. Lianne

    I Just got my marshmallows from Sweet and Sara and they are AMAZING! Just wanted to post another rave review :)

  18. Gourmallows will be offering a Gourmet Vegetarian Marshmallow in the very near future. You can go there now and input your e-mail address to recieve the heads up when they are ready to take orders.

  19. IneedMarshmallows!

    Does anyone know where you can get veggie maeshmallows in the uk??? I’ve never had a marshmallow :( and i need one soon!!!

  20. Jennie

    Now you can make successful vegan marshmallows at home.
    I discovered commercial mashmallow makers use in their recipes. Soy protein isolate is needed to create a fluffy mixture into which to beat the agar agar mixture.
    Go to my website for the recipe.

  21. Vegan Goddess

    Sweet n’ Sara marshmallows/smores/choc. bark are all vegan and delicious. The coconut marshmallows are especially good.

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