Jerky sales up


According to this article, the “jerky market” (as in beef and its various flavor variations). Strange. And gross.

The article says that “the growing popularity of low-carbohydrate diets has boosted sales.” More proof that people will believe whatever they want to about nutrition.

There’s no word on any changes in the Tofurky Jurky market.

(via Obscure Store)

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  1. Corprew

    The thing I find funny about that is that lots of jerky (meat) has sugar added to it to improve the taste, so it isn’t a low-carbohydrate food, particularly.

    I like the taste of Stonewall’s Jerquee myself, I’m returning to vegetarianism after about 4 years of omnivorism, and I ate their product almost exclusively for jerky-needs (I spend time in deserts and suchlike) even before I came back.

  2. walt

    never been on a blog b-4 please bear with me.i am working on opening a fruit and veg stand in my area, and i ran acroos this site can anyone help me with sime knowledge on how to buy wholsale fruit and veg .thjer is a large whs mkt in houston but don’t know wher to start or how to know when i am getting a decent price!

  3. dad1


    I have done what u are doing for many years here in CA. I want to assure you that your best prices will be at the downtown wholesale markets or districts if they have them there which I can’t imagine TX not having them. Prices range WILDELY when you sray from the wholesale districts. On the price research, look in hte fone book under frit & veg wholesalers and call for their prices, alot of them around here have web sires as well. All should try out our awesome jerky products on line [URL deleted – sorry, we don’t allow promotion of meat products here. duh.]. we have truly gourmet, hand made stuff

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