Phoenix New Times interview with Kari Nienstedt


The Veal Deal

Get past the annoying trying-to-be-clever questions and this is actually a good interview Kari Nienstedt, the Arizona spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary. Among other things, she discusses a topic not often talked about, animal rights activist burnout:

[Farm animal rights activist burnout is] a big problem, and there’s no organization in place to address it. It happens when you start thinking about how many people on the planet eat meat, and how your family doesn’t understand your position, and pretty soon you’re depressed and ready to go back to eating meat.

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  1. Kari Nienstedt

    I was a little mis-quoted on that one…I never said anything about going back to eating meat. But I was talking about burnout in the sense that you get so overwhelmed by these issues that you stop working, fighting, taking action for the animals. That’s why I always tell activists that they have to take care of themselves, not just physically but emotionally, so that they will be able to stay motivated to take care of the animals.

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