Inko’s white tea

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While hunting the shelves of a Whole Foods for some decent iced tea, I came across another iced white tea worth checking out: Inko’s Original White Tea. Their tea is brewed and only a little ginger, fructose, and citric acid is added. The end result is a very light and tasty tea. Each 16 oz. bottle has less than 60 calories and 14g of sugar. It’s really tasty stuff, though I’d love to see a variety without the ginger and even less sweetener.

It sells for around $1.60 a bottle, keeping it in line with Long Life‘s tea. A tad expensive, but worth it.

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  1. Pat Firman

    I agree that Kinko’s White Peach Tea is really good, expecially for a purchased drink in these days of globs of sugared drinks, aspertain, etc. I like white tea anyway, and the little sweetening in it I think is good. What bothers me a little is that peaches are one of the fruits here in the USA that has the most pesticides. I wonder if they could use organic peaches. My other favorite drink is Long Life’s green tea with honey and gensing

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