Pennsylvania school serves strictly healthy lunches

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My mom passed this story along about Chester County, PA’s Kimberton Waldorf School has a unique lunch program: homemade vegetarian dishes made mainly from organic local produce. And the kids like everything from the spinach tofu pie to the broccoli cheese soup and Gardenburgers (every dish also has a vegan equivalent available!). Extras are donated to needy families and the tables are set with tablecloths and flowers.

One quote that sums it up well: “If the school is feeding them really crappy food, that is what they know.” Imagine if all schools offered up healthy and tasty vegetarian meals? It wouldn’t be anything strange if it was a normal part of the everyday routine… the kids would get used to it and would learn to enjoy healthy food.

Healthy, good-tasting school lunches that support the local community. Can’t beat that.

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  1. Natalie

    my school serves GROSS food
    i wish they would serve nice and healthy meals, oh and every one is getting fat. I dont eat the school lunch, but my friends do, and BLAH!!!!

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