Nature’s Path Organic Optimum cereal


I think I’ve found a new favorite breakfast cereal that really delivers the goods in terms of nutrition: Organic Optimum Power Breakfast by Nature’s Path. It offers up 100% of the RDA for B12 (a vegan’s dream!), 100% of your daily folic acid, 15% of your iron, 25% of your calcium, 40% (10g) of your fiber, and it has Omega-3s from flax. Not to mention it uses organic ingredients and actually tastes good.

My only complaints: first, the box says “Flax * Soy * Blueberry.” Let me tell you: there are almost no blueberries in this cereal. I’ve never had more than two blueberries in an entire bowl, and they’re so small that they’re almost unnoticeable. I ended up adding fresh blueberries. Secondly, there are 16g of sugar. That’s a bit much for a “healthy” cereal, in my opinion (for comparison, a regular sized Snickers bar has about 28g). Otherwise, though, it’s a fine cereal and offers up plenty of what vegetarians and vegans need most: B12, calcium, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

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  1. Randy Brown

    My wife and I have been eating this for several months now. It’s quite tasty with vanila soy milk.


  2. Vargen

    This cereal is very good. I’m on a 60 gms a day fiber diet and this helps me get there. My complaint is that it is too sweet. Too much sugar. But I’ve found the Optimum in a Slim version at Trader Joes. Less sugar. Very good.

  3. Karen J Wagner

    My husband and I bought this cereal from “Sam’s” Clubs in Michigan and now they do not carry it. This cereal is great, loads of fiber and taste great. We have not had any complaints about it. In my weight watchers food companion it is only 1 point for 2/3 cup, which is all you need anyway.

    Thanks for the cereal, wish Icould find another way to get it. We are almost out of it.

  4. pete

    I originally found it at Sam’s and Costco. I also ran into the same problem (they don’t carry it). I found it again at Whole Foods. They also have a link of retailers on their website:

  5. Vernadene

    We live in Richmond Virginia. The Costco warehouse does not carry your product anymore. We would like to know if there is another outlet which carries the family value box of the Optimum cereal, in my area. We look forward to your e-mail. Thank you

  6. Larry

    I tried this cereal that was promoted at Sam’s and love it! The problem is that Sam’s Warehouse doesn’t carry it. Where can I go to get this cereal? I live in Loveland, Colorado. This next closest town is Ft. Collins.

  7. Mike


    Go to Ukrops in Richmond, VA. I get all the Natures Path cereals for $2 a box with my Ukrops card .. not bad! I love the cereal!

  8. Jerry Stapleton

    This cereal is great, but our local grocery store does not carry it anymore. Can I purchase it over the internet?

  9. vicki

    Does anyone have the Optimum Cookie Recipe. I bought a box as I was told it was on the box and there was no recipe. Thank you

  10. Carl

    Does Optimum Organic Cereal come as Oatmeal?, Why so much sugar if it’s to be “healthy” as Organic?

  11. stacey

    I eat the Slim version.
    Any local grocery store will start carrying it if you make a request at the customer service desk.
    My local Superfresh started carrying it because of me.

  12. Paula

    We were able to buy Optimum cereal at Costco in St. Pete last week but unable to find it at Costco in Palm Springs yesterday. Where can I buy this cereal?

  13. Audrey

    While staying with friends in Las Vegas, I discovered your cereal. When I came home, I found one store that carried it; but, since then has stopped ordering said cereal. Checking your list for my state, there is nothing even close by. I loved the cereal and used it with light original soy milk.


  14. Arlette Falkowski

    I love your cereal but it has changed. The little sticks at one time were thicker —very little flax seeds, if any, and the same goes for the blueberries –I find one or two here and there —not worth mentioning. Why has it changed?

  15. Rich Anderson

    The stuff really is tasty. Kashe tastes like drek. My cholesterol has even gone down, thanks be to the flax.

  16. Don

    I first bought this cereal at Costco’s and loved it, unfortunately they stopped selling it and I was wondering if there was some place online you can order the family size box?

  17. Steve Taylor

    Tried my first box of this cereal today. I have seen ads for it in numerous magazines but never saw it at any of the stores.
    Anyway, this is an excellent cereal, and very tasty.

  18. Jennifer

    Yum! And so good for me!

  19. Nicki

    We purchased this cereal at Food Lion (NC). Very tasty, but I agree that the blueberries are teeny tiny!

  20. judith

    i would be greatful if any one knows of a veg breakfast with hardly any cal or a few is ok from judy

  21. Pamela Takeshige

    I was looking for the Nature’s Path home page and found this page. If you are interested you can buy Nature’s Path online now!! You can get it any time as long as you live in the States. I live in Tokyo, Japan, but I HAVE found a source. Here is the url:

    There are 4 Optimum cereal flavors plus other cold and hot cereals.

    Good luck.


    Found the Optimum cereal at Costco on Sunday and gave it a try, its great as i need 30g of fiber in my diet and it actually taste good. Hope Costco keeps this cereal in stock.

  23. Karen

    I love Optimum and started using it since I saw it on Good Morning America. I find that Trader Joe’s sells it for $2.49 and Vons sells it for $3.49. I don’t think it needs 16g Sugar and yes, I too have added Blueberries as I think they are afraid to add Blueberries. You get 2 dried up blueberries. The serial is great but it would be nice if they offered coupons every now and then.


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