Compassion Over Killing featuring in the Washington Post

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The Washington Post ran a great piece the other day about Compassion Over Killing, a local organization that takes the friendly (but not easy) route to spreading the vegetarian word.

“We need to stop looking at this as all or nothing, black or white,” says Paul Shapiro, 24, who founded Compassion Over Killing as a high school club at Georgetown Day School in Northwest Washington. “For most people,” giving up meat and dairy “might be a daunting endeavor. What if we convert two people to be vegetarian half the time? That’s the same as converting one person to be vegetarian all the time, and it’s probably easier.”

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  1. Nancy Bell

    I get so tired of the question: “If you’re a vegetarian why do you wear leather?” Always asked in a “gotcha” tone. I just don’t understand this attitude. Just because you don’t or can’t eliminate your impact doesn’t mean you shouldn’t minimize it. I think getting more people to eat less meat rather than no meat is a great idea. This is what I feel I’m doing when I give a dinner party for non-veg friends and I show them how satisfying a meat-free meal can be. It gets them to consider the idea that maybe they should explore the cuisine further. This is so much more effective than preaching or evangelizing which I NEVER do. Rather I feed them great veg food with love and without apology. Many of my friends have been turned on to meatless dining this way…but not converted entirely to meat-free living. That’s cool with me, though. If everybody ate just HALF the amount of meat they eat now, consider the impact!

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