NAACP president speaks up for chickens

Mfume weighs in on animal rights

“We’re delighted and not at all surprised that he supports animal rights and justice,” [PETA director of vegan outreach Bruce] Friedrich said. “I am deeply impressed that someone who is so busy working on human justice issues [, NAACP President Kweisi Mfume,] would take some time out for the chickens as well.”

Mock… oysters?!

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Vegan Porn points to a story in The Scotsman titled “Now seaweed is the food of love” that discusses a vegetarian mock-animal product most people would never even think of: mock oysters made of seaweed.

The developer (the managing director of a salmon farm) says they taste like the real thing but he “[isn’t] sure if we can match the aphrodisiac qualities…”

“We’ve been sent recipe books and my aunt wrote to me with one of her recipes using dulse [seaweed] from the 1930s which stated it ‘tastes rather like an oyster’.” Though I can honestly say I haven’t had a single craving for an oyster (… ever), it’s still an… interesting… new product.

GM Blog

I got a note the other night from Prabu Ram from New Delhi, India. Prabu runs Infoserve, a blog that’s followed news related to genetically modified foods since March. The coverage is balanced and lets you draw your own conclusions and is worth keeping an eye on.

Nature’s Path Organic Optimum cereal


I think I’ve found a new favorite breakfast cereal that really delivers the goods in terms of nutrition: Organic Optimum Power Breakfast by Nature’s Path. It offers up 100% of the RDA for B12 (a vegan’s dream!), 100% of your daily folic acid, 15% of your iron, 25% of your calcium, 40% (10g) of your fiber, and it has Omega-3s from flax. Not to mention it uses organic ingredients and actually tastes good.

My only complaints: first, the box says “Flax * Soy * Blueberry.” Let me tell you: there are almost no blueberries in this cereal. I’ve never had more than two blueberries in an entire bowl, and they’re so small that they’re almost unnoticeable. I ended up adding fresh blueberries. Secondly, there are 16g of sugar. That’s a bit much for a “healthy” cereal, in my opinion (for comparison, a regular sized Snickers bar has about 28g). Otherwise, though, it’s a fine cereal and offers up plenty of what vegetarians and vegans need most: B12, calcium, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Compassion Over Killing featuring in the Washington Post

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The Washington Post ran a great piece the other day about Compassion Over Killing, a local organization that takes the friendly (but not easy) route to spreading the vegetarian word.

“We need to stop looking at this as all or nothing, black or white,” says Paul Shapiro, 24, who founded Compassion Over Killing as a high school club at Georgetown Day School in Northwest Washington. “For most people,” giving up meat and dairy “might be a daunting endeavor. What if we convert two people to be vegetarian half the time? That’s the same as converting one person to be vegetarian all the time, and it’s probably easier.”