Gardenburger’s financial woes


There are reports that Gardenburger is having some financial trouble. This is a quite a shame, as their products seem to be getting significantly better (have you tried their vegan ribs? man oh man.) and I absolutely love their new box design. It’s cool in that retro-way without feeling cheesy.

Gardenburger has struggled, despite becoming a product sold in 24,000 stores nationwide. The company’s sales soared in the mid-1990s during the nation’s health-food craze, peaking at $100 million in its fiscal 1998 … Gardenburger sales had plummeted to $51 million by fiscal 2001.

Here’s to hoping that Gardenburger, founded in 1985, hangs in there and can work through these troublesome times. As one of the few veggie-friendly companies that hasn’t been swallowed by a multi-national, their success is even more dependent on sales and support of the vegetarian community.

Whale helpers arrested after breaking past police


Two arrested trying to save beached whale in Oregon

Bystanders tried to help a beached whale get back to sea, but were unable to as the animal thrashed about. Police came and got everyone out of the water for safety reasons, but they had to arrest a man after he pushed past police and went past a police rope in an attempt to get back to the whale. A woman who “interfered” with police after the incident was also arrested.

Is that meat in your stew or are you happy to see me?


Penis in stew turn her veggie

[Sixty-year-old Sophie Matala, an employee at the Pretoria (India) Medforum Hospital] said that her ordeal started on May 11, 1999 when she sat down for lunch at the hospital canteen and ordered her favourite plate of goulash and began to take a few bites of the meat.

Matala said she found the meat slippery and could not cut it with a knife. She then placed it in her mouth but the meat was so tough that she could not bite it.

She then took the meat out of her mouth and inspected it with her colleagues. To her horror she found that it was a piece of penis …

Matala was so traumatised that she vomitted for the rest of the day and from that day was put-off by meat. She had since become a vegetarian.

Yeah, I would think unexpectedly finding a penis in your food might be a good impetus to go veggie.

Toronto Star on fake meats

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Soy long, meat

This great article in the Toronto Star looks at mock meats from a meat-eaters perspective and generally heaps praise upon soy-based fake meats, touting their lower fat and lower caloric content as big benefits over the real deal. Well worth a look with some background, taste tests, and consumer opinion included.