More chefs educating themselves on vegan cooking


The Los Angeles Times ran a nice piece a few weeks back titled “Vegan cuisine gets innovative and delicious spin,” that discusses how chefs are more in tune with vegan cooking with fresh ingredients.

Vegan cuisine has adopted a more progressive attitude. Making pretend “lamb chops” or using vegetable ingredients to mimic other animal-based foods is passe. Chefs are maximizing fresh produce with simple dressings and purees, and creating beautiful plates of artfully combined ingredients. Eric Tucker at Millennium in San Francisco has helped make vegan home cooking more interesting, too.

Recipes for “Roasted Beets Napoleon with Cumin, Heirloom Tomatoes, and Avocado,” “Sushi-Rice Risotto in Tomato Cups with Black Olive Soy Sauce,” and “Caramelized Fig Cake with Lemon Anglaise.”

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