Gary Coleman and a vegan Christmas


In this Washington Post article about Gary Coleman and his tongue-in-cheek run for the California governor’s office, there’s one moderately interesting nugget that’s quickly glossed over. Apparently Coleman is in a recently-filmed independent movie titled A Christmas Too Many, which Coleman describes only as being about “a dysfunctional family who has a vegan Christmas.” It will also feature Mickey Rooney, Marla Maples, Clint Howard, Andrew Keegan, Austin O’Brien, Sean Young, and Ruta Lee. From the scarce information available online, it looks like this movie is scheduled for release in 2004.

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  1. steve Wallis

    I would be happy to provide you more information in regards to Gary’s movie as I wrote and directed it in Los Angeles this past summer.

    Please feel free to contact me if you wish

    Best regards
    Stephen Wallis

  2. jimmy

    Should be interesting to see Gary Coleman in this move!! GO GARY!

  3. mario zoida

    Well i worked on this movie and my cousin was in it he played johnny the wack it was a great movie and i recommend everyone to see it.

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