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Thumbs up to Long Life Beverages‘ (warning: annoying music on the front page) Sencha Green & White Tea with Mint and Osthmanthus organic iced tea. I had never heard of Long Life before, but when I see “white tea” on a product, I’ll buy anything. I wasn’t excited about the addition of mint to the tea, but its impact was minimal. The taste was just outstanding and is one of the best iced teas available. I’m also a fan of Honest Tea, but they have no white teas available. Both Honest Tea and Long Life teas are a bit expensive (a 16 oz. bottle costs $1.50), but both are totally worth the price. I look forward to trying out more of Long Life’s flavors in the future, especially their White Tea with Lemon Myrtle and Chrysanthemum.

The Long Life site has a good little FAQ about teas that’s worth checking out if you’re interested in some of the basics (like amounts of caffeine, the difference between black and green teas, etc.) as well as an interesting piece titled “How to Make a 3,000 Gallon Cup of Tea.”

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    I just found this thread. Does anyone know more about the quality of Long Life Tea’s White Tea versus other brands? I’m very particular about which White Tea I buy.

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