Gardenburger’s financial woes


There are reports that Gardenburger is having some financial trouble. This is a quite a shame, as their products seem to be getting significantly better (have you tried their vegan ribs? man oh man.) and I absolutely love their new box design. It’s cool in that retro-way without feeling cheesy.

Gardenburger has struggled, despite becoming a product sold in 24,000 stores nationwide. The company’s sales soared in the mid-1990s during the nation’s health-food craze, peaking at $100 million in its fiscal 1998 … Gardenburger sales had plummeted to $51 million by fiscal 2001.

Here’s to hoping that Gardenburger, founded in 1985, hangs in there and can work through these troublesome times. As one of the few veggie-friendly companies that hasn’t been swallowed by a multi-national, their success is even more dependent on sales and support of the vegetarian community.

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  1. teresa

    ACK!!!! Noooooo!!!! Have you tried the meatless meatloaf? Mmmmmmmm-good.

  2. Lee

    This really upsets me. And here I thought that the family and I were buying enough of their products to keep them in pretty good shape.

    Those Riblets are the best! My husband, daughter, and I love them.

  3. Paul

    It’s really too bad to hear that they’re not doing well. I fear that they’ll go the route of Ben and Jerry’s.

  4. andrew

    am i the only one that finds themselves scraping out the insides of the little riblet bags just to get more of that damn sauce? i am particularly fond of it when it gets all hard and crunchy in the corner…

    bbq chicken, is a notch below the bbq riblets, however….

    (on an unrelated note, i’ve only been a vegetarian for about 6 months and have found your site to be very useful/interesting/helpful etc. along the way)

    anybody tried the vegetarian veal style schnitzel by mon cuisine? freakin’ craptastic. not only does it taste good, but how much entertainment do i get at work by eating something called ‘vegetarian veal style schnitzel’..alas, the only place i can find it in chicago is via peapod…

  5. Todd X

    You know what goes around comes around.

    Gardenburger did not come around until the boycott hampered their image and their sales.

    I could care less what happens to this worthless excuse for a company. Paul Wenner would not even address the plight of the farm workers until profits dropped. He could have been instrumental in PCUN’s struggle to organize. Instead he was an obstacle.

  6. Ryan

    Todd — Please expand on your comments… I’d like to hear more about this boycott and some more details about Paul Wenner and how he acted as an obstacle.

  7. Jo-Ann

    All of there products are excellent. I would be lost without them. My family and I figured we should own some stock in the company by now. I was unaware of a boycott, was this ever resolved?

  8. Karen

    The boycott is over! Enjoy Gardenburgers without guilt. For info about the boycott, check out this site:

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