Whale helpers arrested after breaking past police


Two arrested trying to save beached whale in Oregon

Bystanders tried to help a beached whale get back to sea, but were unable to as the animal thrashed about. Police came and got everyone out of the water for safety reasons, but they had to arrest a man after he pushed past police and went past a police rope in an attempt to get back to the whale. A woman who “interfered” with police after the incident was also arrested.

5 Responses to “Whale helpers arrested after breaking past police”

  1. Erica

    Will someone please tell me… how exactly are police more equipped than the “average joe” to help a beached whale?

    … and do they really need to arrest the poor guy?

  2. blah

    Imagine trying to move a couple Hummers that were thrashing around. They should have let him get squashed. Helping is good only if you can help, the whale was probably more stressed with him trying to get near it.

  3. seed

    haha too funny!

  4. teresa

    How sad. Decent people can’t stand the feeling of helplessness…they tried but were in a losing battle…strange–the police didn’t want to stand by and watch people get hurt and the people didn’t want to stand by and watch the whale get hurt… What does Seedy Sack o’ crap think is so funny?

  5. I DUNNO

    I dont think that those poor men should of been arrested because they were only trying to help another living animal. I also think that some of the police should stick to there jobs because whale watching isnt one of them. they shouldn’t of been there, if anyone should of been there it would be other people that wanted to save the whale and marine bioligsts. BUT THAT IS ONLY MY POINT OF VIEW AND I BELEIVE THAT IT IS RIGHT!!!

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