A look at Moosewood

The Times-Union (Albany, NY) has quite a story titled “The Moosewood effect that covers Moosewood Restaurant’s history and philosophy. For related reading, see Vegetarian Times’ April 2003 feature about Moosewood’s 30th Anniversary (lots of good recipes and pictures are included in the VT article).

The Times-Union article mentions Moosewood’s new book Moosewood Restaurant Celebrates: Festive Meals for Holidays and Special Occasions, due out on September 23, which looks to be another good addition to the Moosewood catalog.

More chefs educating themselves on vegan cooking

The Los Angeles Times ran a nice piece a few weeks back titled “Vegan cuisine gets innovative and delicious spin,” that discusses how chefs are more in tune with vegan cooking with fresh ingredients.

Vegan cuisine has adopted a more progressive attitude. Making pretend “lamb chops” or using vegetable ingredients to mimic other animal-based foods is passe. Chefs are maximizing fresh produce with simple dressings and purees, and creating beautiful plates of artfully combined ingredients. Eric Tucker at Millennium in San Francisco has helped make vegan home cooking more interesting, too.

Recipes for “Roasted Beets Napoleon with Cumin, Heirloom Tomatoes, and Avocado,” “Sushi-Rice Risotto in Tomato Cups with Black Olive Soy Sauce,” and “Caramelized Fig Cake with Lemon Anglaise.”

Gary Coleman and a vegan Christmas


In this Washington Post article about Gary Coleman and his tongue-in-cheek run for the California governor’s office, there’s one moderately interesting nugget that’s quickly glossed over. Apparently Coleman is in a recently-filmed independent movie titled A Christmas Too Many, which Coleman describes only as being about “a dysfunctional family who has a vegan Christmas.” It will also feature Mickey Rooney, Marla Maples, Clint Howard, Andrew Keegan, Austin O’Brien, Sean Young, and Ruta Lee. From the scarce information available online, it looks like this movie is scheduled for release in 2004.

Long Life is Good Tea

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Thumbs up to Long Life Beverages‘ (warning: annoying music on the front page) Sencha Green & White Tea with Mint and Osthmanthus organic iced tea. I had never heard of Long Life before, but when I see “white tea” on a product, I’ll buy anything. I wasn’t excited about the addition of mint to the tea, but its impact was minimal. The taste was just outstanding and is one of the best iced teas available. I’m also a fan of Honest Tea, but they have no white teas available. Both Honest Tea and Long Life teas are a bit expensive (a 16 oz. bottle costs $1.50), but both are totally worth the price. I look forward to trying out more of Long Life’s flavors in the future, especially their White Tea with Lemon Myrtle and Chrysanthemum.

The Long Life site has a good little FAQ about teas that’s worth checking out if you’re interested in some of the basics (like amounts of caffeine, the difference between black and green teas, etc.) as well as an interesting piece titled “How to Make a 3,000 Gallon Cup of Tea.”