Veggie Crisps


A definite thumbs up to Eat Smart Veggie Crisps, a product of Snyder’s of Hanover available in a number of flavors. The chips are low in saturated fat (1/2 a gram per 21-chip serving) and are made with canola oil rather than a partially-hydrogenated oil. The Sun-Dried Tomato and Pesto flavor was outstanding and I’ve confirmed with Snyder’s that the “natural flavoring” use in the Veggie Crisps is non-animal derived (it’s rosemary). Quite a tasty vegan snack and considerably healthier than the standard bag of potato chips.

A herd of animal news stories

A bunch of animal stories in the news this week…

Man pleads guilty in deer’s death… In Asheville, NC, a man admitted to killing a deer that had been “adopted” by a herd of cattle. An officer wrote in a report of the incident: “Two men went into the cows and picked up a deer that was lying in the middle of the cows and were carrying it to the bank where we were standing… During which, all the cows followed the two men carrying the deer.”

Man should get maximum for torturing, killing cat on videotape… “During his trial, Power’s lawyer told court the art student and one-time vegetarian intended the video [of the torturing and killing of a cat] to be an art project showing that it was hypocritical for society to allow the killing of some animals for their meat but not others.”

And, finally, one with a happy ending: Curiosity saved the cat, a 13-year-old saved a cat being tortured by other teenagers and resucitated it with mouth-to-mouth.

New Soy Delicious flavors

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The Vegan Spam newsletter (a product of the wonderful Vegan Outreach) pointed out that Turtle Mountain has a load of new Soy Delicious non-dairy ice cream products. The ones that had my mouth watering: the Organic Mint Mania Chocolate Coated Sandwich, the Cookies N’ Cream ice cream, the low-fat Green Tea ice cream, and the fat-free Mint Fudge ice cream. Methinks it’s time to place a special order with the local health food store.