Another idiot speaks

Share points out this opinion piece that denounces Paul McCartney, Jason Alexander, and Alec Baldwin for taking an interest in animal rights. The piece ends with the obnoxious statement that “Human children growing up in Soweto, Chechnya and Haiti should have pals like Paul, Jason and Alec, don’t you think?” implying that these celebrities should pay attention to starving children instead of animals.

What is with this inane argument against animal rights? As if we have some sort of limit on compassion and that if we send some love the animals’ way, we’re somehow taking attention away from human suffering? Come on now.

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  1. Ted Hodge

    An Idiot? I Think Not!

    I’m a first time visitor to this site. I was hoping I’d find interesting topics dealing with vegetarianism leading to healthful living. I was not hoping to get involved with animal rights issues, but that’s the first thing that drew my attention.

    Someone called somebody else an idiot because that person had the audacity to suggest that some of you animal lovers may do well to pay attention to the suffering children in Soweto and Haiti, instead.

    Well, I do support that viewpoint. Does that make me an idiot, too? I think not. I don’t think it is too much to ask that human rights should come before animal rights. Anybody who thinks the reverse is true, is indeed the true idiot. Think about it.

  2. Ryan

    Hi Ted… thanks for writing.

    I have thought about it, and the reason I dubbed the original writer an “idiot” is because he’s implying that because someone cares about animal rights than he/she automatically doesn’t or can’t care about human rights. I don’t see why it should be an either/or proposition.

    With regards to finding information about the health side of vegetarianism, you’ve come to the right place. There’s plenty of that here as well.

  3. Andrew

    Fallacy of Distraction: False Dilemma

    Either you’re for the animals or you’re for the children.

    On the other hand, it could just be that the author wishes folks would pay more attention to issues of children’s suffering in addition to animal sufferring. After all, animal rights are pretty high profile compared to the blind eye that is generally turned towards the suffering of children in other countries.

    Still, I’m surprised the editor let that extra bit of editorializing slip through before hitting the wire. I don’t think it’s supposed to be an opinion piece. It’s filed under news and has generally newsy items inside. It’s not until the last graf that the writer really drifts.

  4. Void McBoy aka dragonfly

    The writer of the article is indeed an idiot. Instead of adding any depth and/or interest to the story or doing any real research, he ended his pathetic little op-ed piece with a one line broadside aimed at veg*ns and AR folk alike. Idiot you say? i say creep. Make that creep and a half. His lifelong ambition i suppose.

    Mr. Complainer at the top – i must ask – Why all the self-righteous and hypocritical posturing, whining and bellyaching? Something tells me you are not the real thing. One word of advice: DYOFR.

  5. Randy Brown

    I think wise people will find that veg*ns care for animals *and* humans. The notion of “human rights before animal rights” is the very cause of animal suffering. Humans *are*, in fact, animals.

    The difference is that we are in a position to make choices about what we do to and how we treat other animals (and other human animals, by the way). Non-human animals don’t have the same level of choice, so it really is up to us to make correct choices.

    As the first commenter wrote, “Think about it.”

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