Vegetarian diet can lower cholesterol as well as drugs

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All over the news in recent days is a small study that contends a vegetarian diet can lower cholesterol as well as drugs:

It involved 46 men and women with high cholesterol levels. Sixteen ate the vegetarian diet for one month, 16 consumed a very low-fat diet, and 14 ate the low-fat diet and took 20 milligrams of lovastatin (sold as Mevacor) every day for a month.

The vegetarian group showed an average drop of 28.6 percent in their LDL cholesterol, the “bad cholesterol” that can raise the risk of heart disease. That was about equal to the 30.9 percent reduction seen in the low-fat diet plus statin group. By contrast, the low-fat diet-only group had just an 8 percent drop.

This falls under that “yeah, but we knew that already” category, but it’s still good to see it get such wide coverage, even if some outlets refer to it as the “ape diet.”

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  1. Ellie

    I lowered my cholesterol by changing my cooking oil to Rice Bran Oil, no trans fats, Flaxseed Oil and lots of exercise!!!

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