Rice nutrition


Blogger extraordinaire Rebecca Blood has posted a useful chart on her site comparing the nutritional values of different kinds of rice. As you’d expect, brown rice is leads the pack in most values, especially fiber, where it has more than 3.5 times as much as any of the white rice included.

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  1. Kristy

    wanting nutritional information for different kinds of rice like Jamine, Basmati

    read the nutritional info on brown and white but wouldlike to know how these others compare

  2. Bill Siung

    So what’s the bottom line? Which rice is best for you nutritionally?

  3. nick

    So how about eating rice everyday? Of course, “everything in moderation” (this ideal is only useful for the dollar hungry capitalist). I feel great after eating rice whenever I eat it, even if I have a cup or more per day. I’m not a big fan of the three-meal-per-day routine that so many people practice, so most likely this has some bearing. Anyway, I’m hungry for eating tips from an educated ‘open road’ food dude (don’t be scared). ; fill me in!

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